Dead or Alive: Final

Dead or Alive: Final

Set in a post apocalyptic Yokohama where the population is kept under rigid control by a homosexual megalomaniac mayor. The citizens are administered drugs to suppress heterosexual urges. Officer Takeshi Honda (Riki Takeuchi) is a hard boiled cop enforcing the mayor's agenda, and Ryō (Show Aikawa) is a mellowed out drifter that hooks up with a gang of rebels. When the gang kidnap Takeshi's son, it begins a series of events leading to an inevitable showdown.

The ace cop of a totalitarian police force and a drifting android play their parts in a post-apocalyptic society. They are destined to fight. Their encounter will change them forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Akash S (jp) wrote: An anthology of five unusual romance films was an interesting way to celebrate 100 Years of Indian Cinema. Other than the second story, none of the stories seemed clichd or melodramatic. It's an interesting attempt.Sethulakshmi - The first short film, and the best one.; it's an adaptation of a short story named 'Photo'. It stars two young talented kids, and the story is really heartbreaking and haunting. The story starts off quite cheerfully, but it leads to such horror. In a bird's eye view, it shows the plight of young girls everywhere. But the story is essentially about helplessness, and seems like an allegory on so many communities and kinds of people. The fear of being exposed of something small (which may not be even wrong) leads us to doing worse things (by feeling helpless about the situation), thinking there's no other way.Isha - The cheesiest one among them. It's average.Gowri - None of us can predict the future. One moment of pure joy and happiness can suddenly turn into a world of sadness and despair. It's simple and contemplative.Kullande Bharya (The dwarf's wife) - It starts of quite 'Rear Window'-like, but it turned out to be an observation of pure love, and our human illness of prying into neighbours' (strangers') lives. It's an adaptation of a Chinese short story, 'The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband'. It was an interesting watch.Aami - Perhaps, the second best story among the five. It's about love, adultery and guilt. Quite a thought-provoking tale about one's priorities.Other than the second story, the overall acting was quite good.'Sethulakshmi' will be the only story I'll remember and cherish, I guess. Others are quite forgettable.

Mike P (ca) wrote: Not sure enjoyable is the right word, but I thought it was good!

Russ B (fr) wrote: 11/12/2016: A really nice true story family film with an excellent cast.

Vesa H (mx) wrote: Dolph avaruuslaivan kapteenina, mik voisi menn vikaan?? vissii kaikki... ehk yks paskimmista dolphin leffoista mit on tullu ikin katteltuna

Timm S (kr) wrote: A Lot Of Heart & Some Spectacularly Tragic Moments. But Not Enough To Keep Me Glue-Eyed On What Will Possibly Happen Next!? Credit For Low-Budget Thrills..Nothing Much Else.

Nadia S (it) wrote: It's a good individual movie. Teenager actors with talents, full of humor, sadness of reality..etc

Lil Stray77 (gb) wrote: Not realy a high or low point but I loved it anyway for the acting and dialogue.

Harry W (gb) wrote: The crummy thing about Conan the Barbarian was that they tried to give depth to the character and expand on him and it took itself way too seriously without enough sword and sorcery to it. The great thing about Conan the Destroyer is it's just built on sword fights and nothing else, which was really all i wanted from this. And that's what I got, so underneath the crappy acting, thin plot and lack of sufficient script, I enjoyed watching Conan the Destroyer.

John P (gb) wrote: I'll be honest: I only watched 30 mins of this before switching to the audio commentary by Leone historian Christopher Frayling. Probably because I was so unbelievably bored by the non-commentary version.Perhaps it's that sword-and-sandal movies bore me to tears no matter who they're made by (Spartacus is probably my least favorite Kubrick film, too).Anyway, this is the first movie Sergio Leone made on his own, and at first glance, it's completely unlike the six better-known films that would follow it. Perhaps it's the absence of Ennio Morricone and his usual closeups, but unless you saw the opening credits or knew beforehand, you'd never know Leone made this.However, as Frayling points out in the commentary, Leone's uses of parody and homage.... Sort of make this recognizable. You really have to squint to figure that out.So, it's really not worth your time, unless you're into sword-and-sandal movies, or like me, you're a fan of Sergio Leone. It's interesting to see where he'd go from here, and it's fun to hear Frayling point out a gaggle of extras from Leone's future films and point out that Jorge Grau, director of The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (aka Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, aka Don't Open the Window), was an assistant director on this.So, the best part (other than the commentary), would be making me want to watch that zombie movie.

Dave J (ru) wrote: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 (1970) Chisum WESTERN John Wayne acting usually as himeslf again coinciding with Billy The Kid and Pat Garret as well as many others! With the existing problem with this film is the total predictability of knowing when the audience know when some undeserving good guy was going to get killed because of corruption amongst the sheriffs etc.. I ended up fast- forwarding most of the third and fourth acts than I did on the first 40 minutes while watching this film! Predictability at it's worst! 2 out of 4