Dead Sexy

Dead Sexy

A female detective gets involved with a murder suspect in a series of serial killings.

A female detective gets involved with a murder suspect in a series of serial killings. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edward P (it) wrote: Nicely condenses the first portion of the original anime. The animation mixes well with the CG effects to give a unique appearance. Berserk always has, and is still a very dark tale, filled with violence, definitely not for younger viewers.

Morgan M (de) wrote: Terrible. The plot made no sense. Subpar acting. Shallow characters.

Laquentin C (fr) wrote: This films humor is clever and you need to watch the movie rather than try to figure out the plot... I found a little bit of me in Duncan....and my last relationship. I was a relationship terrorist ....and didn't even know

Automattic R (de) wrote: Asian Women are creepy by themselves without even meaning to be, but they at least should have tried.

Emily P (br) wrote: omg did u guys know miranda cosgrove did htis movie?? wow

(de) wrote: One of my favorite comedies, although it does have some moments that are overwhelmingly ridiculous

Khalila B (au) wrote: Great Coming of age story

Yulma C (fr) wrote: Favorite Old Flick! <3

Francisco G (ca) wrote: Eduardo Snchez returns to the genre he pretty much created for... this? Why? After the great Lovely Molly, the super fun Altered you created a Sunday afternoon movie you shot in two days with your mates? What the hell?There's absolutely nothing original in Exists. The characters are all immense clichs, surrounded by even bigger clichs. Worse of all, you get the explanation for why these asswipes are being taunted by Bigfoot early on and that ruins the only positive surprise about the movie.

Justin T (jp) wrote: There is a lot of cheese and gimmicks in this movie, but Rebecca De Mornay makes it easy to overlook with her bizarre character.