Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich

Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich

In 1945 the Second World War came to an end and the Nazis fled. Scientists and military elite escaped across borders and found themselves in new worlds. Some fled to Russia, some the United...

In 1945 the Second World War came to an end and the Nazis fled. Scientists and military elite escaped across borders and found themselves in new worlds. Some fled to Russia, some the United... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich torrent reviews

Rebecca N (br) wrote: Worth seeing. [dvd 2010-07]

John M (br) wrote: Nicholas Stoller's directing makes this the unique comedy it is. Jason Segel plays the perfect mix of real depression and subtle comedic lead and the cast of characters around from Jonah Hill to Russell Brand and Paul Rudd all are utilized to their fullest. Mila Kunis as the romantic interest feels a little forced and feels like she's in there to add conflict and hope for the main character as opposed to being a real person, but overall, this is a film that has great re-watch value and is very memorable in the Apatow-esque comedies because of its strange unique vision.

Cerys K (nl) wrote: Very strange!!Quite funny in a weird way but over allA fairly bizarre film!!

Sajin P (fr) wrote: An overwrought tragedy, that doesn't provide much of a purpose. A good watch for Beckinsale and Rockwell fans, maybe.

Dannielle A (it) wrote: 3 hours of epic awesomeness... Veer-Zaara is a fun, tear-jerking, romantic musical with a powerful message of doing what is right and honorable, true love conquering all, the truth that sets you free, and the equality of all men and women no matter what race or religion. I enjoyed this tremendously. It was heart-pounding at times and so well-acted and directed.

Tiffany L (kr) wrote: that was a great movie!!!

Rod G (nl) wrote: "Alien Interceptors" es una psima pelcula de ficcin aburrida llena de horribles actuaciones, horribles efectos especiales y sobretodo horrible trama barata que no se comprende porqu se atrevieron a hacer.

JH K (us) wrote: Brillante guion llevado a cabo con gran destreza, hubiera necesitado un poco mas de produccion pero, a quien le importa, es una opera prima que nadie se esperaba.

Robert H (au) wrote: Opulentes Abschiedsgeschenk eines Meisters des FilmsDie Kombination der lebensnahen und auch in rechtlicher Hinsicht in smtlichen Details korrekten Beschreibung eines Erbschaftfalles mit einfhlend-psychologischer Aufarbeitung all der damit verbundenen familiren und sonstigen Folgen bei den Betroffenen und verdeckt-zarten religisen Andeutungen ist das Resume eines langen Lebens fr den Film, uns mit Augenzwinkern geschenkt kurz vor dem eigenen Abgang des Strippenziehers. Der lebenskluge Input nicht nur fr das Juristische erfolgte anscheinend durch den liebenden, nicht in der Filmwelt stehenden Freund des Regisseurs, ber die Zeit der 68er habe ich selten so herzlich gelacht werden wie hier. Die Schauspieler und Schauspielerinnen geben in bester Spiellaune all ihre Kunst und mehr, um das opulente Abschiedsfest des Regisseurs aus diesem Leben in jenes Licht zu tauchen, das allem Untergehenden nicht nur im Sdwesten Frankreichs eigen ist. Last but not least: Meister Stphane Grappelli fhrt uns mit seiner Geige mit schlafwandlerischer Sicherheit durch den Film, trumend von Django Reinhardt. Kurz: Ein Film fr die Ewigkeit.

Adam R (ru) wrote: A very welcome return to form for the Indiana Jones series. Last Crusade brings back the exciting sense of adventure that Raiders of the Lost Ark did all those years ago without needlessly going overly grim and dark like Temple of Doom did.The plot itself, Indy is once again fighting the Nazis in a race to reach the Holy Grail, is a lot more straightforward and even feels more intimate for Indy (it mainly revolves around his father after all). There's a touching father-son bond throughout that blends so well against the greater scale story.One of this film's biggest attributes is the supporting characters. Unlike Temple's characters who mainly ranged from annoying to forgettable (save Amrish Puri as Mola Ram), Crusade brings us a welcome mix of old friends (the always wonderful John Rhys-Davies as Sallah and Denholm Elliott as Marcus Brody) and new (Sean Connery as Henry Sr. and Alison Doody as Elsa Schneider). Whereas Willie Scott and Short Round were such extreme character types that it was difficult to sympathize with them, Elsa and Henry are far more toned down but not without likable personalities.If I had any complaints, the opening with young Indy feels a bit rushed and ridiculous, even for this sort of movie. The fact that all of his personality quirks and physical scars came about in the span of ten minutes is pretty hard to believe.Still, that's a minor complaint in the grand scheme of things. The Last Crusade is an excellent adventure film and a fond farewell to the Indiana Jones franchise. Well, at least for now.

Lotti K (ca) wrote: Vaguely entertaining 80s teen cheese. Not sure how this gets classified as a horror movie -- kind of a re-telling of TUFF TURF, but James Spader is eeeevil in this one.

Sean G (ca) wrote: Fascinating and thoughtful. Disconcerted slightly by a different voice coming out of Keitel's mouth. He is obviously speaking French but they dubbed him anyways.

Mark D (ag) wrote: A difficult film for sure for anybody with attention problems; I can certainly imagine how pointless it might be to sit a bunch of kids down to watch this. Even I myself paused it and took a break from it twice, though I think in a cinema or elsewhere with no distractions I could happily sit engrossed in it for the whole 96 minutes.In a way it could be a silent movie, seeing as there is no dialogue whatsoever (there are voices, but only chanting or singing, which you only hear firstly about a third of the way through the film, and then again about two thirds of the way through), but all the sounds of movement, water, boats, etc., etc. would be sorely missed if I watched it silently.Theres a kind of tension between on the one hand the beauty of their location, the clean simplicity of their daily life, and also the situation of being engaged very closely and in their natural environment (for us city dwellers the closest we get is that 'the sand between your toes' feeling along with those odd instances of the satisfaction of physical work successfully carried out) with on the other hand the relentless hard work that they almost might not stay on top of, that is repeated and repeated and is hard and will always be hard. Their two sons easy ability to join in with this without question and to be equally as effective, contrasted with the odd moment when they look at the toil of their parents in some kind of awe, adds more weight to this feeling.In terms of 'events' (of course every little thing is an event really), there is maybe only one on the scale of the kind of thing we might list in other 'plots', a tragedy that occurs already 65 minutes into the film. The context given to that event by all that preceded it, that surrounds it in the life of this family, makes it wholly different to how we meet and feel about similar tragedies in other stories. It's hard to put your finger on. It's not that we're helped strongly to get to know and like the character, as in ????? [Grave of the Fireflies] because there's a distance all the time, like we're certainly outside observers and they're definitely strangers to us, but somehow we get a bigger context, where the tragedy fits in the big picture of that relentless beauty fused with that relentless hardship and stoicism. Maybe too it's an empathy that comes while we're still strangers, and that might have some power too.There is another 'event' on a milder scale, which is the catching of a fish and going to town to sell it, along with the nice, simple day out they get with some of the money. This is again evocative and confirmed for me the idea I'd already had that somehow this film reminded me of Ladri di biciclette [The Bicycle Thief]. Besides that I'd also suggest that it's similar in some vague though kind of obvious way to Koyaanisqatsi and of course it'll remind you of many Japanese films. I was reminded tangentially of ?? [Onibaba] because of the feeling of nature present, though with a different vibe, and something in how it looks, which is natural as it's the same film director.Definitely recommended, for the quiet, poetical, image-loving and patient among you.

Carlos I (ag) wrote: Pretty cool crime thriller, but it still fails to fully engage me. While there's still a few great set pieces, it ultimately feels a bit like it's trying to hard...

Stephanie G (es) wrote: I thought it was going to be terrible but I actually liked it.