Dear God

Dear God

When letters written to God start getting results, and replies, people everywhere are amazed. The Post Office however is annoyed.

When letters written to God start getting results, and replies, people everywhere are amazed. The Post Office however is annoyed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dear God torrent reviews

Kevin P (kr) wrote: Een nietszeggend relatiedrama dat door het belachelijke plot vooruit brengt met beroerde prestaties van zijn getalenteerde acteurs (met als grootste tegenvaller David Krumholtz). The Big Ask had kunnen werken als de gebeurtenissen niet zo lachwekkend overkwamen. Dit is het type indie film die zichzelf geweldig vind, maar vergeet dat er ook een publiek erna komt kijken !

Ron L (us) wrote: So let's say you like science-fiction.... let's say you like science-fiction that can help create a plausible alternative reality. Let's say you like science fiction that can create plausible alternative realities but also tell a very human story about people, and not just about special effects? This movie is well-done. Sure, there might be some unanswered or scientifically-challenged concepts in the movie. What sci-fi film doesn't haven those? But this movie creates a cohesive vision for how new but currently existing technologies, like DNA analysis, are posing confounding philosophical questions about our fates and our futures. The human story told here was captivating, as the characters in the film are increasingly confronted with unpleasant paradoxes regarding their knowledge of "future possibilities". The movie doesn't present some frenetic sequence of apocalypse, it rather presents humanity (or at least the very normal characters in the film) as sort of quietly marching towards their fate. The future is foretold, but they cling to whatever semblance of "control" over their fates that they can. This leaves the audience in total suspense, about whether the future is a self-fulfilling prophecy, one in which we arrive at the conclusion not via one path, but through the sum of infinite decisions that inexorably deposit us in the same place.

Matt R (ca) wrote: Ever wonder what its like seeing Kutch Bang a bunch of chicks and then see Anne Heche naked a bunch then this is the movie for you, i don't remember the plot at all.

Sujal S (it) wrote: Boman Irani ruined everything he had gotten from Munnabhai.

Federico F (nl) wrote: a crime-story told by an eminent Cassavetes, and a talented Justin Timberlake and that splashed Ben Foster, not to mention the cruelty of a greenhorn like Emile Hirsch checked by Bruce Willis turned into a sort of Godfather

Tooba A (ca) wrote: Another old and cant get over movie!! Miss the old Amanda Bynes

dolan d (ag) wrote: we needed a betr surgeon simulatr adaptashn den dis

Ericka R (it) wrote: One hell of a movie huh? Left me speechless in the corner, lol.

Michael N (fr) wrote: funny funny funny an older movie but great movie #1 of his movies

Jason S (de) wrote: it was a pretty funny western movie

Ersat G (ag) wrote: I couldn't stop laughing out loud. And if you know me, I rarely do that watching a movie. I haven't seen Adam Sandler's version (Just Go With It), I wonder if it is any good.

Jordan P (fr) wrote: In an attempt to showcase death itself as the true antagonist of horror, unrealistic gore and uninspired, predictable plotting overwhelm the promising setup and thought-provoking message Final Destination has to offer, squandering an intriguing concept for a unique franchise as a result.

John S (mx) wrote: Speed Racer provides clean cut action and unique style that has yet to be seen again. While the visuals at times, particularly with the theatrical release version, are overwhelming, the editing makes sure audience members are able to follow the fast past action. As for the actors, all of them are perfectly cast and give good to great performances and have excellent chemistry with each other; while at times being a bit campy, mostly due to the writing. The writing, while moderately well, at some points hinders the story and tone of the film with either having serious moments be interrupted by "childish antics/jokes" and the use of adult language in a PG film, while very few, may leave older audience members confused from the sudden there sudden use in an otherwise lighthearted, child-friendly film. The writing also provides for moderately good pacing and a well-balanced plot; providing the audience with a simple and enjoyable story, with lovable characters and great racing sequences. Overall, Speed Racer is not a movie that may appeal to everyone, mainly due to its art style, but for those who either enjoy or look pass the style, it provides an excellent balance of tone, style, characters, acting, and fast-past action that will leave you cheering "GO SPEED RACER, GO!"

Ben J (kr) wrote: I can only assume others watched a different film from the one I saw - this is amateur student filmmaking at its most basic, with clunky dialogue, irritatingly poor acting & dialogue (with the exception of the excellent Tony Todd), artificial direction and an overdose of pointless philosophising. This is a thinker's play at best, shoehorned into a cheaply shot movie. Yes, the core concept is interesting and some of the reveals entertaining. No, that doesn't rescue the amateur hour production or justify the overrated IMDB score.