Dear Wendy

Dear Wendy

A young boy in a nameless, timeless American town establishes a gang of youthful misfits united in their love of guns and their code of honor.

A young boy in a nameless, timeless American town establishes a gang of youthful misfits united in their love of guns and their code of honor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael C (gb) wrote: A good movie with strong writing and a great cast. The only con i would have is that the film is far too short, and it definitely would have benefited with more time for character development and to build on the connection between Rachel and Clyde.

Kurt M (br) wrote: It fails to deliver the emotional experience of the book and for some reason the director felt shaking the camera around the whole movie was a good idea... it was not a good idea. The story itself is interesting enough to get you past the movie's flaws though.

Ash M (us) wrote: Loved this directorial debut from Ben. It was extremely well written.

Gii B (au) wrote: OMG Please can I have my time back!!!

Eric H (ru) wrote: An entertaining and thoughtful story from La Belle Epoque with some of the most gorgeous costumes, sets and locations I have ever seen. The hats, the dresses, the jewelery, oh it's magnificent. Michelle Pfeiffer is luminous as the aging (very well!) courtesan with Kathy Bates playing an amusing frenemy and one time colleague. It was an honest story about the world courtesans inhabit, what becomes of them as they get older, as well as a beautiful portrait of what it does to a child to grow up in such a world, curiously jaded about many things and yet inexperienced in real emotions and responsibility. Rupert Friend is channeling Hugh Dancy in this movie, as he channeled Orlando Bloom in 'Young Victoria', to great effect. I especially liked the interactions between Lea and her servants, which behave more like dear friends than employees. I loved the narrator, who lends a dreamy, fable-like quality to the story and is perhaps the voice of reason. While not a movie I would like to watch over and over, it was funny, bittersweet and pragmatic, dealing with the reality behind the gloss of the Gilded Age.

Christian S (kr) wrote: bonne comdie amoureuse.

Ryan K (it) wrote: so stupid, I feel ashamed I liked this when I was a kid. Dumb movie

Jason K (br) wrote: Still a conflicting watch, the first half is one movie (a good movie) but the second half breaks down to a weird low rent 90s horror movie. and that psychic, what is with the acting of that psychic?

Almasi A (us) wrote: It had a good concept around Dracula's origin and Van Helsing's story, but I don't know... The performances and special effects were a little comical, and not in a good way.

Lee (us) wrote: Average sequel with nothing really special to offer accept for a bunch of surprising cameos by Kane Hodder, Fred Williamson and David Carradine. Eva Mendes also features in an early role strutting her sexy stuff. It's pretty stupid in places the plot but it has some bloody moments, nothing like part 4 though.

Adam R (ag) wrote: Michael Keaton is badly miscast. It is probably the worst role I have ever seen him in. The visual effects aren't that great and everything about the film seems amateurish. If nothing else it did keep my interest though. (First and only viewing - 2/27/2017)

Andrew B (kr) wrote: Think a serious version of Mel Brooks' "History of the World Part I" but instead focus on one uninteresting character being repeatedly re-incarnated, take away any semblance of entertainment while managing to make it as tedious as possible, and this is what you end up with. I saw this about 10 years ago and wish I could forget about it. It's an eyesore for the mind.

Bert P (fr) wrote: Great movie by Almodovar. An intriguing story once more, with great performances. The one by Banderas meant his breakthrough.Add a fabulous soundtrack by legendary composer Morricone, great camerawork and original POV's. There, you have one of Almodovar finest's.

Steve P (ca) wrote: Very average acting, completely unrealistic blood, but an intriguing little plot. You will probably work out what is really going on before the end of the story, but still quite engaging.

Trofmoc J (jp) wrote: Classic. Plain and simple.