Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi

An unconventional thinker (Shah Rukh Khan) helps a budding cinematographer (Alia Bhatt) gain a new perspective on life.

Kaira is a budding cinematographer in search of a perfect life. Her encounter with Jug, an unconventional thinker, helps her gain a new perspective on life. She discovers that happiness is all about finding comfort in life's imperfections. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher V (gb) wrote: Interesting but kinds slow moving. Wondering how Gardner got the money.

Rudy L (de) wrote: Probably one of the best dedication documentaries I have ever seen. The way Scorsese discusses Kazan's work displays his true admiration, inspiration, and love for this great director. Scorsese isn't merely a person or director discussing the significance of the director; instead, he plays the role of someone who was truly inspired by the work. That is evident in the way Scorsese talks about not just the work, but the man. If you admire Scorsese, if you admire Kazan, this is the documentary for you. Made out of pure love and admiration from a true place.

Ia E (gb) wrote: The movie is ok but a little bit bored.

Anthony M (it) wrote: James Cameron makes universally loved and beautiful movies but his movies have flaws avatar while pituresque had flaws the naive are a interesting race but there while save the environment is nothing new and the military is evil is something that has been used more times the I can count but that dose not stop this movie dazzle and pazzase

Snehil K (nl) wrote: I really don't care about the Ratings.. I really enjoyed BODY OF EVIDENCE.. It's like watching another BASIC INSTINCT. I checked the ratings and critics panned the movie.. but I didn't feel that for a single second while I was watching it. In my opinion, It's a brilliant second version of BASIC INSTINCT. In terms of EROTICISM and obscene language.. This movie is much more open compare to BASIC INSTINCT. Direction is Wonderful and so is Screenplay. Storyline is almost same as BASIC INSTINCT. Dialogues are to good for an erotic thriller. MADONNA has crossed the lines here and definitely her effort in terms of showing sexuality is a step ahead than SHARON STONE in BASIC INSTINCT. But her performance is in this movie is not as good as SHARON STONE in comparison. But it's not bad either. I would say.. GOOD. WILLIAM DAFOE performed well in the movie. I would not call it a bad performance.. so again.. GOOD for him too. JULIANNE MOORE is waste in the movie. Didn't get chance to do much. JOE MANTEGNA and ANNE ARCHER acted well according to the part. LITTLE DISAPPOINTED WITH THE ENDING THOUGH..! Please don't go by the Ratings or Critics comments.. Watch the movie.. I am sure.. You won't regret.

Lisa S (us) wrote: A lot of really bad acting, and silly stuff going on, but not incredibly bad.

Jon E (ru) wrote: Spectacular animation and images. This film contains an emotional message in regards to the use of research laboratories and how painful it is to animals.

Jake S (gb) wrote: great film supringly unknown by many certainly a hidden gem

Kevin S (gb) wrote: Wonderful anti-war film that plays like a fairy-tale. Nicely cast - had I not known that it was Dean Stockwell in the title role I never would have guessed.

Kevin N (es) wrote: One of the better installments in Universal's "Inner Sanctum" franchise, 'The Frozen Ghost' features some surprisingly engaging editing, transforming an ordinary cheap murder mystery story into an entertaining and stylish genre film. Expressionistic lighting and staging lead to some interesting compositions, and some of the sets are effectively creepy. The story concerns a hypnotist named Alex Gregor, or "Gregor the Great", played by Lon Chaney Jr. (the common thread through the series). In the opening scene, a man frustrates Gregor during his act and Gregor wills him to death under his breath. The man does indeed die, though there is no evidence that it was Gregor's doing. Haunted by guilt, he goes into hiding with a friend at her wax museum, but the shadowy pace hides some dark secrets of its own and is no place for Gregor's rehabilitation. I like this story, I like director's Harold Young's creative direction, and Chaney is good as he always is. This is a far cry from high art, but for those looking for good B-movie matinee fare, look no further than this.

Tommy C (it) wrote: Single-handedly the most disappointing movie ever made.

Private U (gb) wrote: It's not a masterpiece and it's actually right on the path of the movies that De Niro has been doing for the past few years. Despite it not being great, I really liked it for what it is. It's supposed to be a thriller with two war veterans and it's just that. It's nothing ingenious but it's a totally decent movie that would be a 6.5 in my book. Travolta was good, De Niro is always great cause I adore him as an actor! The action was as much as I wanted, the scenes of the fighting were really realistic and kept me at the edge of my seat. Even this back and forth thing that one was freed and the other was freed and so on and so forth, was nicely done and was not tiring. It's a nice rental for a relaxed week night, with some pop corn or a pizza, if you can handle eating with bloody scenes!