Death Duel

Death Duel

This martial arts spectacular showcases 20-year-old Erh Tung-sheng (a.k.a. Derek Yee). Even Variety noted: "Erh's charismatic screen presence should take him to superstardom like his older brother, David Chiang." The prediction proved correct, and his performance as ace swordsman Third Master is just what any producer would want. He fights evil, saves damsels in distress (including a kindhearted prostitute played by Chow Yun-fat's first wife, Yu An-an), and duels rival swordsmen to the, well, death.

The Third Master (Erh Tung Sheng, aka Derek Yee, in the role that launched his career) is considered to be the greatest sword master of the day. His displays of skill and strength bring ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roxana A (nl) wrote: Love the series and this movie did not disappoint!! Definitely recommend to those that like anime!

Paul D (mx) wrote: A nice style but always struggles to please.

Carolyn P (jp) wrote: Classy performance by de France; loved the music!

Steve J (ca) wrote: This is not yhe cover off the dvd! He never puts on a spacesuit, he never holds a gun and there are no spaceships in short the cover of the DVD is totally misleading!! When they say it's set in a place called Borealis you think alien planet but no it's set at the north pole!Coaster material - no stars at all. Can i get my money back?

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Timmy S (nl) wrote: Peter Sarsgaard killed that role, he was epic in this. Hayden was a whiny twerp as usual, haha

Vadim D (ru) wrote: Travolta is great in this film and the dance scenes are pure cinema magic that are fun to watch till this day. It's surprisingly more dramatic than what the picture deserves and perhaps a lighter tone would have served it better, but it still holds up in many aspects.

Johnny C (kr) wrote: Both greatly misunderstood and massively underrated, Shock Treatment is a prophetic gem of a musical, the "not a sequel, not a prequel, but an equal" to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Firstly - this film is very specifically NOT a sequel to Rocky Horror. Though the characters Brad Majors and Janet Weiss (now Majors) do once more appear, they are not necessarily the same people; "Brad" and "Janet" are simply character tropes of Richard O'Brien's, deftly used and suitably situated so as to satirize aspects of archetypal whitebread American culture. In Shock Treatment, O'Brien manages to successfully utilize these tropes to sharply criticize the great banality of content and dangerously devoted viewer obsession in the medium of television. In so doing, he inadvertently predicts the phenomenon of reality TV by several years, and indeed our obsessive-compulsive viewing habits as a culture in the Information Age as well. There is a biting satire to be found concerning the "old values," i.e., traditional American practices, attitudes, beliefs, and morality. There is also a clever hommage to the German Expressionist film movement in the character of Bert Schnick, the seemingly blind sensational TV host based on heavily on Dr. Caligari from, of course, Robert Wiene's The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The story of the film could be said to be summarized in one particular line from the film delivered by Judge Oliver Wright (Charles Gray, who portrayed the Narrator in Rocky Horror): "The blind leading the blind." The quotation is used to describe Schnick's significant influence over the content of the television station and, in turn, the minds of the viewers. The analogy of the evil hypnotist doctor cruelly manipulating his somnambulist man-puppet to Bert Schnick/Farley Flavors/Doctors McKinley cruelly manipulating their hypnotized mass audience proves apt. The film is a great deal smarter than people give it credit.At the end of the day, a musical succeeds or fails by the quality of its songs. And it's here that O'Brien really shines; as legendary, inspiring, fantastic, and well-performed are the songs of its predecessor, the tunes in Shock Treatment somehow manage to equal them. Don't believe me? Go back and, with an open mind, honestly compare not just the best moments, but the entirety of RHPS's musical content to the entire musical content of Shock Treatment. Or simply take my word as a professional musician - they hold up. Give the film a fair shot, enjoy the experience, and have the songs get stuck in your head for days following. It's not a's not a's an equal.

Russell H (gb) wrote: really boring. some humor hut found it hard to even pay attention to what was going on.

Neemat M (de) wrote: good movie, a little bit confusing in the beginning, great acting, but i felt like i've seen this plot before, it's just messily arranged

Bheema D (es) wrote: Good enough for a 2-hour long cutscene from Star Fox: Assault

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