Death Factory

Death Factory

Strangers on a bus find themselves fighting for their lives when one of them reads from a Gothic book and brings to life six dead serial killers who proceed to hunt them down one by one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian T (nl) wrote: Probably for movie nerds only and a bit studenty in parjavascript:void(0);ts but I enjoyed it and his knowledge of films is amazing.

Stephen G (fr) wrote: A well done film about one man's devastating story. Ejiofor and Fassbender give great performances.

Virgilio L (ru) wrote: The originality and visuals cannot be denied, storywise its questionable

Jennifer P (ag) wrote: This movie is part children's movie part environmentalist propaganda. The kids movie part is okay but the propaganda ruins it.

Jason J (de) wrote: Successful terminator styled alien invasion

Georger P (it) wrote: The two critics here are off the mark. Spooner is a delightful and sensitive film with some very funny moments thanks to the supporting cast.

King D (ag) wrote: i will wait until dollar show

Eddy L (br) wrote: A bit long but the use of music and color transformed to a great harmony.

Jeff L (gb) wrote: I loved this story and all of the characters. When this premiered in the theatre I saw it twice in a row. I really enjoyed the premise and the actors performances. Highly recommended.

Gregory H (ca) wrote: What a waste of time!!!!!

Daniel G (de) wrote: disturbing and harrowing portryal of the book. Spent a strange evening chatting with the brother just after this was filmed.

Don S (ca) wrote: Saw a dubbed version when I would prefer the original language. I don't mind Jackie Chan - his martial arts skills are terrific, but I watched this for the double treat of Michelle Yeoh and Maggie Cheung. The story is cookie cutter action with no need for thought. Average movie.

Kevin M W (fr) wrote: Suppose for a moment that the basis of all good art (or bad art for that matter ... let's just say Art) was the hot flush of Love's Sweet Call (or Lust for that matter). So then in Europe, in the early 19th Century, a famous collection of artists pursue one another with insane passion, their emotions the fuel for the works we know them by. Here's the unusual plot for a different romcom, a period piece about the rock stars of their day and there's not much to it more than rock has provided us: gender confusion and the usual romcom comedy of errors. There's good ideas here only not completely drawn out.

Stan D (es) wrote: Al Pacino is a cop, and with partner John Goodman, are investigating a serial killer whose victims answer dating ads in the newspaper. They go undercover, and Al meets the beautiful, very sexy Ellen Barkin. This movie is very touching in its perspective about the many lonely hearts in the world. It is also a suspenseful mystery with a plot twist, and much more than the dangerous love story movie of that era.

Nathan O (ag) wrote: A sequel to "Every Which Way But Loose" comes "Any Which Way You Can" with Clint Eastwood reprising his role as Philo Beddoe, who is still doing his thing from the previous film, which is bare knuckle fighting. The film revolves more around the characters underground bare knuckle boxing and how he contemplates on retiring but then decides to take his fighting farther and take on more challenges with it. Meanwhile, the "Black Widows" from the previous film return, with more emphasis on them being the focal point of comedy and setting them up for more comedic jokes. A good sequel, following a new plot that still stays true and mixes up the formula slightly. It works, and thus, is a good movie.

Luke B (ru) wrote: Seems I'm in the minority for liking this little gem. I have a feeling that since Hepburn said it was one of her least favorite films, people fail to look beyond that at what a clever little piece this is. Or it may take an appreciation of cinema itself. To me, this was way before its time. It makes fun of the system, writers, and actors. Some of the film is very stupid or silly, but that's the point. They are writing a BAD film, and as such, we see this bad film come to life. It's also a great spoof. Tony Curtis, in a very extended cameo plays himself. But himself as an actor in a supporting role. It's hard to describe the brilliance of this performance. From his initial entrance with the exaggerated mannerisms of a method actor, to his delivery of lines usually reserved for insignificant extras. It does become tedious in spots, and Holden and Hepburn's romance is just as forced and sudden as the one in their poorly written movie. See this if you are a Curtis fan, or love seeing actors lampoon themselves. I'm surprised to see so much post-modernism so early on in cinema.

Martin L (jp) wrote: The first two stories were absolutely astonishing I was blown away ny the animation and the style of the art the first two stories were great the last one was okay but the first story was extremely well done its a must watch!

Corey R (kr) wrote: Very unique tale of a futuristic life between two totally different lifestyles. Ray Liotta is banished from the high tech world to a poverty stricken land where he has to survive and help one community against their enemy.

MarcAndr B (es) wrote: On a qu' regarder quelques minutes pour comprendre pourquoi Sandra bullock a reu un Razzie pour ce film!!! Un des plus film de filles que j'ai vu de ma vie.

Tiago G (au) wrote: It's really hard to critic films of this magnitude, mainly when time left it decades ago and the criteria to evaluate it as changed so much. Minding that, the Hitchcock masterpiece is a classic that refined the genre itself and influenced uncountable movies ranging from horror, thriller and crime with a touch of suspence that only Hitchcock understands.