Death in Love

Death in Love

The devastating legacy of a liaison between a concentration camp inmate and a Nazi doctor reflects on the lives of her sons.

The film depicts the devastating legacy of a liaison between a concentration camp inmate and a Nazi doctor reflects on the lives of her sons whom the doctor experimented on. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leon B (fr) wrote: Review:This is a very simple movie, based in Amsterdam, about a man who has an affair with his work partners wife andblatantly gets caught out by his wife. After her birthday party, she decides to leaves her husband and the rest of the film is about how much they can't live apart. There wasn't that much to the film and I personally found it quite bland and dull. There are a couple of twists along the way, which were pretty predictable and the ending wasn't that amazing. It could have done with a few more interesting characters and some more substance but on the plus side, the acting was OK. It's basically your everyday story about the ups and downs of a relationship, which I got quite bored of after a while. I was hoping for something out of the norm to happen, which it doesn't, but I'm sure that the lovebirds out there will find it slightly entertaining. TV Movie!Round-Up:Liev Schreiber has certainly had a versatile career. From the action packed X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Salt to deep dramas like the Butler and comedies like Fading Gigolo, he's really covered different genres throughout his career, which started in 1994. At the age of 47, he's not showing any signs of slowing down but I doubt that this film will push him into the mainstream. Jeanne Tripplehorn's claim to fame was her role in The Firm but she hasn't really starred in any major since. I honestly think that Waterworld really destroyed her and Costner's career and there both trying there utmost to get back to were they were at the height of there careers. As for this movie, I was more interested in the dog than the couple, which I totally blame on the director because he didn't give the audience a chance to warm to the cast. Its short an sweet but not my cup of tea.Budget: $5millionWorldwide Gross: N/AI recommend this movie to people who are into their romance/dramas about a couple who questions there love for each other after the man gets caught having an affair with his wife's best friend. 3/10

carlos g (de) wrote: Cool idea, interesting setting/location, but one question. Ever heard of a tripod?

David L (ca) wrote: X-Men: First Class is a tad long, but always involving and entertaining to watch. Thanks to a smart script, a well established conflict, superbly utilized characters and their relationships, a moving and perfectly constructed third act, many great action sequences and a surprisingly good humor as well, this entry is by far the best in the X-Men franchise while also being one of my personal favorite prequel as well as superhero films.

Alexandre B (nl) wrote: Une oeuvre qui, malgre quelques raccourcis un peu dangereux, marque le spectateur. L'interpretation de la comedienne est assez incroyable, surtout pour un premier film.

Toochie H (ru) wrote: love it...~?~(TM)~~~

Carrie L (au) wrote: I love it when a quiet, contained film can pull me in the way this one did. A romance for a heartbreakingly real world.

Josephat N (ru) wrote: loved the movie... poems are tight.. longshoot executed his roll in this movie with perfection..

Rob S (ag) wrote: A fabulous thriller, played out, mostly, in one location. It was adapted from a play, and you can tell. Hepburn is great, making sure her role as a blind woman is completely believable. (Watch the small moments!). Crenna is great, too. But the most fun is watching Alan Arkin play a few different roles. So much fun, and very thrilling at times.

George D (ru) wrote: I'm often asked why I obsessively view movies of the past. My reply is I do it for those occasions when I stumble across a gem such as "La passion de Jeanne d'Arc", "Ikiru"... Well this movie isn't 1 of those cases. Really dated crap. "Mystery Science Theater 3000" sized crap. Coprophiliacs, enjoy.

patti g (es) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed as an action film