Death Mask of the Ninja

Death Mask of the Ninja

As the names of Chang Cheh and Liu Chia-liang became legendary, all-too-often the name of their equally valued collaborator, Tang Chia, is omitted. That may be,because, unlike the previous ...

Two princes are seperated by birth. One is raised by the Prime Minister. The other is raised by three mad Shaolin Monks. They both learn kung-fu. When they are 23, they meet and combine ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick L (ru) wrote: A complete waste of disc space. Absolute crap

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Nikki Alice L (ru) wrote: Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is a cute kids movie.

Lou D (mx) wrote: A hipsters delight. The director "TRIES" way to hard to be "out there" and it shows. A failed attempt at creating something genuinely edgy and what THEY thought was oh, so dark and artsy. So painfully unnatural. Any top critic who gave this a good review is just trying to secure their "street cred" and is an absolute poser to the true underground scene. Bunch of wankers....

Jake M (kr) wrote: Elf (2003) - is a Christmas classic enough said........Okay Okay there's more to it then that but regardless it's still an amazing Christmas movie that's filled with a lot of heart, a lot of laughs and most importantly a lot of Christmas spirit. The story is somewhat very insane but yet it's so clever and kinda thought provoking. Will Ferrel as Buddy the elf is hilarious, His childish nature and curiosity really make him stand out and I love how his Christmas spirit impacts the characters he comes across. The rest of the characters are mainly there just to work off of Buddy but that's not a bad thing because each side character can either be nice to Buddy or just plain mean to Buddy. It can often lead to many hilarious or sometimes heartfelt moments. The Cinematography can also be very impressive. I love the calm, magical and soft look of the North Pole and I was even impressed to see that their were some animated "Rakin Bass" Styled characters in some sequences. I also do love some of the shots of New York whether it be outside at the skating rink or inside the mall that buddy decorates overnight. Just those shots alone bring in the christmas feeling and they really do pop with their bright colors and charming set pieces. The music in this movie feels warm and fuzzy and some of the songs they chose to put in this movie really fit the style of the music score. Some of the songs aren't even christmas related but they still work since most of them are soft and relaxing. I have to admit that one thing was sort of distracting and that was some of the segway transitions it's almost like they used a windows movie maker like system and put random transitions into the movie to make it look cool. They don't ruin the movie in any shape or form but from time to time they can be a little distracting to me and I kinda wished they could have cut down on some of those effects. Elf is a great christmas movie, it definitely knows how to get you in the Christmas Spirit as well as burst out into insane hilarity. I loved watching this movie many times as a kid and chances are i'm still going to watch movie even when i'm older. (A)

Tyler J (nl) wrote: I'm Gonna Give This Film The Same Thing as Jason Goes to Hell Cause I Only Watched The Film Last Night! I know Right So I'm Just Gonna give it That But What I Thought of the film Um I Was Kind of Confused Of The Start of the Film Because I Was Thinking This is not like other Jason Friday the 13th Movies So Yeah Kind of Pretty Bad Movie I Guess I don't know didn't really like it I guess But I have finally seen Every Friday the 13th Movies So That's Good!

Julia L (es) wrote: so much fun, i used to wish that i was there in halloween town when i was little.

Tor M (ru) wrote: Beautifully crafted film and based on one of Shakespear's works. There are empires, warlords, castles and fighting over power possesion here as a retiring Lord tries to depart his fiefdom between his three sons. This does not reach out as planned and there are loads of conflicts here.Solid story, not too tricky to hang on to, but there are many names to keep track on here, so I don't get the full grip of the story. It's very long, but worth your time. Rearly boring, and anciant films of foreign language that pushes three hours are bound to include some down scenes. This film has few of them.Some very good mass fight scenes, really old school warfare. Epic fights are looking super realistic and neat. The landscapes and elements of wind and fire are also looking mezmerizing. I like most of the characters, but the actors that give them life impresses a lot. Great leads! Loads of extras here, 1400 in fact. Together with the 200 horses they are making it a very lively film and it increses the skill of directing even more. Cool sound wraps up this huge film from one of the greatest directors. Only my third film of his I think, but there will be more.Not the greatest film I have seen, not a poor one. It's a big archievement and a fantastic production. Story-wise it's OK and it will be remembered as a very slow film that's well-built and has great looks. Huge film.8.5 out of 10 clouds.

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Danny M (ag) wrote: Great film! Really funny and a get idea for a film

Matthys L (de) wrote: Boring, predictable plot. Would not waste my time with this if I were you.