Death Note

Death Note

Light Yagami finds the "Death Note," a notebook with the power to kill, and decides to create a Utopia by killing the world's criminals, and soon the world's greatest detective, "L," is hired to find the mysterious murderer. An all out battle between the two greatest minds on earth begins and the winner will control the world.

A battle between the world's 2 greatest minds begins when Light Yagami finds the Death Note, a notebook with the power to kill, and decides to rid the world of criminals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Garrett O (jp) wrote: Wrapping up an odd story arch, its all about the "hero gets revenge." Unfortunately its more of the same as with the last movie: Jaa shows off skills against impossible foes and advances what's left of the story through action. The conclusion is lacking in finality and may leave you begging for actual character development. But, you have to admit to yourself that you've come for the fighting, not for the story.

Jason F (br) wrote: Okay so Disney is going back and retackling the whole alien genre; or are they just jumping on that boat because of the recent success of similar movies? Either way they do manage to pull off a decent film, a few flaws but decent none the less. This movie has two brothers discovering an alien spacecraft and they youngest -- because he has not hit pubety -- absorbs the radiation which not only trigger an excelleration to maturity but gives him some limited superpowers. Although the enemy aliens were first interested in the spacecraft they are now interested in the boy. This leaves big brother to save the day, once he takes a step back from chasing the girl and focuses on his requirements for high school graduation. Overall the characters were likeable and you did care for them at the end f the day. The plot equally worked well, but... So now we have the flaws. Well first problem is most of the backstory is never explained. Who sent the alien spacecraft in the first place? Although the antagonist want to destroy the Earth it never explains why the spacecraft was sent to stop them. Also it is implied that the boys father was in a branch of the military and died, but we don't learn how. We also have the issue with the superpowers. Don't get me wrong they are cool but when they are only used once (as each power manifests in the first 30 minutes) and not used afterwords they why have them in the film anyways? Finally my biggest irritant was the school play in which the younget was amongst the cast. The play is always referred to as the "pirate play". Common you could not come up with a name or use one of the many stories in public domain? I would not recommend this movi for young children as the aliens are rather scary. It is also hinted that although they eat humans they may also resort to cannabilism. That being said the movie is well worth a look despite some minor annoyances. Also it is obviously left open for a sequel which is why I am not giving this film a worse rating. Here's hoping that my questions are answered in the next installment.

Dana D (us) wrote: Amazing access to CEOs and behind the scene footage.

Eoin F (mx) wrote: Worst film I've ever seen? Could be. Incoherent story, not even remotely scary, no tension, no gore, no nudity, no good.

Luke B (ru) wrote: You wouldn't think a movie about Arnold Schwarzenegger could be so boring. Pumping Iron is much better.

(jp) wrote: Cast: Stellan Skarsgrd, Lena Headey, Charlotte Rampling, Ian Hart, Louise Goodall, Jason Hetherington, Jean Anderson, Kate Lynn Evans, John Killoran, John Harwood, Fergus McLarnon Director: Hans Petter Moland Summary: Kaisa (Lena Headey), a beautiful and feisty Scottish woman, finally has her life together - at least until her mother (Charlotte Rampling) asks an enormous favor: to bring back to her Kaisa's estranged, larger-than-life father (Stellan Skarsgard). The two of them, father and daughter together, set out on a wild, brutally funny yet heartbreaking journey, which takes them through their emotional past before reaching their ultimate destination. My Thoughts: "I was adding movies to my 'instant watch' que on netflix, when I accidently pushed play on this film. I was going to stop it, but thought, "why not?" It was in the end, a happy accident. The movie was a real surprise, and I enjoyed the film. It's quite dark, but acted out brilliantly by Stellan Skarsgard and Lena Headey. Their performances are what made this a four star film for me. There was just so much hurt and anger these characters. She hasn?t seen her father in fifteen years and wants no relationship with either parent. But in the end, shw gives in to her mothers wishes and that is where the journey begins for her and her estranged alcoholic father. Aberdeen is not particularly a pleasant film. In fact, at times it?s difficult to watch. It's an honest film, and Skargard plays his character so well. He is truly a great actor. Great film.. Give it a watch."

Heather G (de) wrote: Cute romance about Fate. I spent most of the movie thinking "why in hell did he/she just do that?" and "huh?" Odd documentary-like filming style.

Chris Q (ag) wrote: Such a wonderful movie, one of Woody's best.

Gary K (gb) wrote: "Enter the Ninja" is so spectacularly bad that it should be re-introduced to the midnight movie circuit. The plot gets one star for being stupid; the white ninja outfit gets one star for being so spectacularly white; and Franco Nero's mustache earns its own star for stealing every scene in which it appears. And did I mention it is directed by Menahem Golan? This is the guy who brought us the "Death Wish" sequels, "Breakin'" and "Breakin' II: Electric Bugaloo," and the Chuck Norris classics "Invasion USA" and "Delta Force." This one is every bit as entertaining in ways Golan likely never intended.

Paul D (es) wrote: Lacklustre Marx brothers, especially as there is an imbalance here with Groucho absent for most of the film.

Christian S (mx) wrote: 'Black Voodo' and Cary Grant...a feast

Ben V (mx) wrote: Better than the 3rd movie (by half a star)