Death of a Scoundrel

Death of a Scoundrel

A Czech refugee uses women to advance his business interest.

When Clementi Suborin is found murdered, his secretary recounts to the police the story of his rise from Czech refugee to ultra-rich New Yorker. The tale of betrayal, womanising and fraud ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hugh C (ca) wrote: I was fortunate to have attended the NYC premier of Death By China on August 24, 2012. I expect historians to recognize Peter Navarro to among 21st Century(TM)s Paul Reveres.

John Joseph M (nl) wrote: A smart Austrian creature feature with a firm nod to The Thing. Clever use of practical effects, likeable characters and spectacular landscapes blended with chills and suspense make this worth seeking out.

Jonny S (au) wrote: this film was a huge disappointment. poor plot, weak characters, no entertaining scenes or dialogue. i love napolean dynamite, revenge of the nerds, superbad etc, but this was not likeable in any way. totally pathetic from a genre i usually love. i challenge you to post a amusing quote.

Frecissimo S (us) wrote: If u like action movies watch this one!!!

Cassie H (mx) wrote: Such a fun 80s movie with great dancing & music to go along with it :) :) :) :) One of my all time faves (: (: (: (:

Fraer C (us) wrote: A female vampire goes around killing men by means of oral sex. Sound interesting? Surprisingly, it's deeply tedious. Not a patch on Vampyros Lesbos.

Issac L (br) wrote: Another 70s Oscar BEST FOREIGN PICTURE victor, from the versatile Italian actor/director Vittorio De Sica, in fact this is only my second De Sica's film (after MARRIAGE ITALIAN STYLE 1964, 8/10 and disregarding the medley BOCCACCIO '70 1962, 6/10), thus admittedly a major motivating force to watch this one is the star appeal, namely Sanda and Berger. Sanda, whom I recently discovered from Bertolucci's THE CONFORMIST (1970, 9/10), plays Micl, the young daughter of the aristocratic Jewish Finzi-Contini family in Ferrara in the late 1930s, is the love interest of Giorgio (Capolicchio), from another Jewish but lower-class family, although they have been childhood sweethearts, Giorgio's courtship has yet come off. Meanwhile Micl's effeminately indisposed brother Alberto (Berger) brings his burly friend Bruno (Testi) to the family and initially Micl antagonizes him with her affected pomposity, but the ensuing happenings will dish Giorgio's hope and Micl eventually turns out to be a token victim of the tumult and a failed attempt to dare the purity of Jewish ethnicity. As a war drama of ordinary people being shoved haphazardly by the humanity-defying heinous torrent of rabidness, the movie (maybe also Bassani's source material) obviously don't want to lay bare the ugly truth with pulverizing segments which one can generally assume would happen during the persecution of those Jews (cautiously the film finishes right before that), everything meanders with tepid temperature and sensuous palette, from jovial time on bicycle to the final illusory tennis court flashbacks (the difference between De Sica and Antonioni is immediate), but at any rate, it is wanting a bang to emanate the revelation which is always up in the air, not even the reveal of Micl's lover with Sanda's bare-chest audacity and soul-searching stare. Like Visconti, De Sica evinces ethereal and superior beauty from his young cast, say no more to knockouts like Sanda and Berger (who is purely existed for his godsend delicacy and impeccable face), even an ordinary-looking Capolicchio and the future action star Testi, have been sculpted meticulously with soft light and fond close-ups. Valli, on the other hand, is prominent as Giorgio's father, illustrates lucidly as a spokesman for an elder generation frustrated by their fate and also impotent to save their children. As a double winner for an Oscar and a Golden Berlin Bear, it doesn't live up to my expectation, maybe it is a common attribute for Italian melodrama, its across-the-board appeal dwindles as time passes by, Visconti's SENSO (1954, 7/10) is too saccharine for my palate and this one is somewhat rather undemanding under the reigns of a maestro like De Sica.

Nathaniel R (mx) wrote: One of the most endearing and adorable movies of the Disney classics, Bambi is a film that never gets old. There's plenty of enjoyable characters and fun scenes that are entertaining to watch. The films lacks a structured plot but nevertheless the movie had us invested with daring chases and a lot of emotional appeal (rest in peace Bambi's mom). None of the characters sing a musical number, unlike previous Disney films, but it's still a beautiful soundtrack with good additions like "April Showers" that couple with the film nicely. It's also a step-up animation quality wise from Dumbo and features some effective animated sequences like the forest-fire and Bambi's battle with the other deer.

Henry W (ag) wrote: liked this movie. it covers one of the most influencial people in history. dipcks ghandis life very well, was very long and you can find you self dazing off for some of the more boring parts of the film. but overall, very well done and deserves best picture Oscar win

John M (mx) wrote: The WORST movie ever, almost put me to sleep. They ruined the original by making this slop.

Robert P (us) wrote: An easy five stars. Right up with the best films on sports with great action of rugby league. Great achievement from Lindsay Anderson who would go on to direct If and Britannia Hospital among other gems. Surely Rich's finest hour, yes even surpassing The Wild Geese, as he balances strength, defiance, brutishness and vulnerability, strangely resembling Marlon at times, and matching his on screen intensity. This movie should have been required viewing for Gazza and Wazza, warning as it does of the trials involved in being a working class hero. Great support from, among others, Arthur Lowe and Leonard Rossiter