Death Proof

Death Proof

Austin's hottest DJ, Jungle Julia, sets out into the night to unwind with her two friends Shanna and Arlene. Covertly tracking their moves is Stuntman Mike, a scarred rebel leering from behind the wheel of his muscle car, revving just feet away.

The movie follows an engine-revving psychopath who uses his "death proof" cars to take out his beautiful voluptuous victims at 200 mph. But some girls are tough and decide to pay-back the attack. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Death Proof torrent reviews

Douglas M (br) wrote: Brilliantly hilarious. Danny McBride steals the show! Outrageously funny from start to finish.

Marina N (mx) wrote: Very very light entertainment that perfectly suits the purpose of killing some time. I really hoped for a bit more adrenaline.

Beth C (ag) wrote: a great documentary about the murder of a trend setting politician

Jan K (us) wrote: Bitter-sweet, charming with unforgettable music and characters. "Fiddler on the Roof" is a perfect musical.

John C (ag) wrote: Not much memorable or notable about this one.

Dwayne R (fr) wrote: brilliant plot, writing

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