Death Rattle Crystal Ice

Death Rattle Crystal Ice

Meth, murder and mayhem cooked up by a crooked Sheriff and his gang of misfits is battled by a Special Ops Agent seeking payback for his brother's death at their hands.

Meth, murder and mayhem cooked up by a crooked Sheriff and his gang of misfits is battled by a Special Ops Agent seeking payback for his brother's death at their hands. Aided by a Country ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda P (mx) wrote: Self-indulgent and vapid. As a film, it was scattered and poorly thought out. As a theological study, it is to religion as a Rock the Vote ad is to politics.

Drew W (ca) wrote: I would give this a C-(70).

butch h (ru) wrote: Documentary filmmaker Doug Block always thought his parents' 54-year marriage was a good one. But when his mother dies unexpectedly and his father swiftly marries a former secretary he discovers a family history far more complex aNd troubled than he ever imagined. 51 Birch Street is a riveting personal documentary that explores a universal human question - how much about your parents do you really want to know?

Larence P (mx) wrote: This movie delivers enthrallingly, motivationally, and inspirationally

Tim M (de) wrote: Dillon and Caan's acting is decent. The star of the film is Cambodia, especially Bokor Hill Station (R=Point). Not bad direction from Dillon, but he never directed another movie. Too long."A long, winding, but decently layered modern film noir."- Kathy Cano Murillo, Arizona Republic"Can be criticized of many things, but wasting locations and local talent is not one of them."- Dragan Antulov, Draxblog Movie Reviews

Maren H (fr) wrote: What an eloquent title.

Sanford R (jp) wrote: I would love to see this if I could find it

Tekfox A (us) wrote: i always wanted to be a ninja and always try to practice with ninja weapons sho kosugi is the best besides bruce lee but him and bruce lee is the best

Bruno V (au) wrote: The movie sticks to Kurt Vonnegut's movie. But lacks in explanation. Viewers that didn't read the book might not get it at first. Nevertheless, it capture's little details that make this movie great.

Scott R (fr) wrote: Sure it was gritty, but does looking at the worst in humans make for a good movie without there being purpose for it? It was long and pointless, unless you think that betraying your husband for a rapist is a good thing, even if your husband is a looney. I did enjoy one part. The peaches scene put a smile on my face, only for its stupidity. Oh, a jar of peaches will solve all our problems and make us friends. It was also the best part of the music that otherwise was hauntingly annoying.

CJ C (jp) wrote: My ultimate fav RBenjamin. RB & AM star as lovers who try to cross class lines amidst kisses & her parents stiff opposition. So very funny. Read the PRoth novella first.

Orlok W (br) wrote: A thousand thrills...and Hayley Mills--Full-blown and exciting adventures!!

Steve S (mx) wrote: *** (out of four) Surprisingly well done war film about a Navy Captain preparing his soldiers for the harsh battles that lay ahead during WWII. Good solid work from Jeff Chandler. Watch for a very young Clint Eastwood in a small role.

Martin T (kr) wrote: An excellent Hitchcockian "wrong man" style noir. An innocent man takes the fall for a bank heist he had nothing to do with, and sets out to find those who framed him. Lots of desperation, double-crosses, tough guys (Lee Van Cleef!) and rough beatings. John Payne is damn near a dead ringer for Jimmy Stewart (which adds to the Hitchcock feel), not only in looks but in mannerisms as well, and even a little in the voice. The film has some really clever plotting and keeps you wondering how everything's going to resolve itself. Highly entertaining.

Michael L (it) wrote: Really boring and hard to watch if you're not relatively hardcore about silent film. I watched it without any accompaniment and it was almost unbearable. There were some really interesting montages and things, but not something that I would expect many people to care about.