Death Screams

Death Screams

Locals are celebrating the last night of carnival, such as newly in-love couple Bob and Kathy, coach, Neil Marshall, waitresses, timid blonde Lily and comely, nubile Ramona, their boss Jackson and learning difficulties teenage peeping tom Casey who's dad Avery is the town sheriff. Several them decide to spend the night down at the river, where a unknown double homicide climaxed there some nights before. But among the fairgoers is the one responsible for the deaths and as they are lurking in the shadows troubled over a tragic past (or just about one thing or another) deciding to take their frustrations out with a machete on those they blame for all the misfortunes in their life. Following the group back to their riverside stamping grounds they set about ensuring no one leaves the area alive.

Teenagers are stalked and murdered by a maniac at a town fair. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian B (ru) wrote: Excellent movie! Stop hating and being racist critics!

Chris D (ag) wrote: This movie was really good

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Jonny C (es) wrote: Wild Target is a fun Thief/Heist/Con Comedy about an Assassin hired to take out a Con woman, who ends up getting tangled up and working with her while picking up a young man who always seems to get in the way. This movie has some solid comedic acting from Emily Blunt (who is really hot in this movie as usual lol), Bill Nighy and a standout in Rupert Grint who up until this point we had basically only seen as a goody goody tween in the Harry Potter series and he stepped out of that shadow in this movie. There was also some great support in this movie from Rupert Everett, Eileen Atkins and the always great Martin Freeman. If you're a fan of Crime/Comedies or British Comedies you will really like this movie.6.5/10

Uriel A V (kr) wrote: Machete is GOD. I never seen before so much blood&gore, gunshots, machetazos and naked women in just one movie, it's so full of awesomeness!!!!1

Sarah J (mx) wrote: I think its good, the person beside me thinks it is utter trash

Craig C (mx) wrote: I really wanted this film to be a great hidden gem. It had so many touchstones (the artist with depth, Dorff, narration, documenting the slide into decline, filmmaking, French romantic interest, Cape Town, U2) but when it all comes together it?s a bit convoluted a bit like watching a 90 minute rock video without any sound. Still I own a copy of it and rate it.

Hunter D (br) wrote: A prequel to MISSING IN ACTION where Chuck Norris, I mean, Col. Braddock has to escape from a Vietnamese POW camp. For a guy being tortured and malnourished for years and years, Chuck sure seems to retain his strength well enough. Too much suffering, not enough roundhouse-kicking.

Mark S (mx) wrote: first one was great, no point in any sequels.

Lee R (es) wrote: Written, directed and starred by Charlie Chaplin

Brock J (nl) wrote: Not nearly as good as the first film, but still a good movie.

Farah R (au) wrote: Chadwick Boseman pays a respectable homage to the king of soul, James Brown.