In 2084, a nuclear war wasted Earth, making the sky red of chemicals and the former United States of America becomes Deathlands. Breeds of mutants and half-mutants share what was left on Earth with humans. The vile of "Front Royale" is ruled by a good man, but he is killed by his wife Lady Rachel Cawdor, and his evil son Harvey Cawdor kills one of his brothers and blinds one eyes of his fifteen years old brother Ryan, who escapes. Twenty years later, the one-eyed leader Ryan Cawdor returns to "Front Royale" with his girlfriend and half-mutant Krysty Worth, his human friend and specialist in weapons JB Dix and the teenage mutant Jak Laurent to face his brother and his stepmother.

The one-eyed leader of a team of desert scavengers living in the post-apocalyptic United States returns to his home to get his revenge on his evil brother and his evil stepmother whom murdered his father and his brother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shayne S (ru) wrote: Too creepy for me probably.

Matt M (fr) wrote: Though it's far from being Allen's best work, one can theoretically assume it one of his most vocal and perhaps even most cynical. Despite its inevitably happy ending, Wahetevr Works is based on a series of incidents that give the storyline an unrestrained feeling that is both fun and surprising. Allen's collaboration with Larry David is another intriguing aspect of this film. The star of Curb Your Enthusiasm delivers a rigid yet rightly cynical performance that seems to echo, though not voice, some of Allen's own darkest thoughts.

Eddie D (nl) wrote: I LOOOOOOVE this so much. Its a John Waters stand up. While it is hilarious, it is not a typical stand up, but more of a lecture, history timeline of his films, information on his inspirations and what he enjoys to do for fun. Great for any Water's fan or anyone into cinema!

Dann M (ca) wrote: Beyond Borders is an overly political and melodramatic film that doesn't have much of a plot. The film follows a wealth socialite that feels compelled to become involved with a world relief program and starts a torrid affair with an international aid worker. Angelina Jolie and Clive Owen lead the cast, but their performances so overdramatic that everything feels forced. The plot is especially weak and neither the story nor the characters are developed all that well. Unfortunately, Beyond Borders is little more than an exploitative piece of trite that plays on people's sympathies.

Joseph H (it) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting.

Stephanie L (nl) wrote: John Malkovich plays a jerky scientist AND a sweet love starved robot in this forgotten 80's romcom.

Jeremy N (es) wrote: A friend of mine always used to say: "Fight fire with fire." That's probably why his house burned down.

Emily T (es) wrote: This is my favorite Jeanette/Nelson movie. A lovely story and BEAUTIFUL music! There is nothing better than listening to them sing the duet from "Czaritza" (a variation of Tchiakovsy's 9th). John Barrymore is also wonderful as Jeanette's voice coach/husband.

Corey n (ru) wrote: This is one of my favorite films by Tom Selleck. The film is about a aging baseball star who can't get resigned in MLB in the States. So he gets signed on with a professional team in Japan. He learns to love the game again, falls in love and adjust to a different culture. The film is your typical story about a sports player getting his career back. But I liked it. The story is simple and enjoyable. A must see for sport movie fans or those who are baseball fans.

Kevin N (fr) wrote: Very funny, and a little too accurate!