Debshishu is a 1985 Hindi-language Indian feature film directed by Utpalendu Chakraborty. This powerful and realistic film is a study of poverty, illiteracy, natural calamities and the toll they take on the human soul. the story of a rural couple who're trying to survive on the road with many others like them, after their village was destroyed by a flood. the wife gives birth to a deformed baby, which is pronounced as a 'child of the devil' by the local pundit (Hindu priest), who forces them to abandon the child and exiles them from the community. the journey takes the couple towards a bizarre and heart-breaking conclusion

This powerful and realistic film is a study of poverty, illiteracy, natural calamities and the toll they take on the human soul. the story of a rural couple who're trying to survive on the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leonardo Malacay S (fr) wrote: perversa mezcla de todo lo antes visto en cuanto a pelis de miedo, lo malo es que no es una parodia, intentan asustar con imitaciones flojas y la msica!!! joder en que estaban pensando??? y ese final que?

Joe B (br) wrote: The Shaun of the Dead of noir movies.

Caroline P (kr) wrote: Stiff acting. bland dialogue, dated score, ludicrous story

Cody M (kr) wrote: Bold, but works. Housebound balances horror and comedy well enough with quality film making.

Andrew L (de) wrote: One of the better modern teen comedies

Critic M (kr) wrote: "Less Than Zero" is dark, haunting and pulls you into the world of late 80's over indulgence. The performances from Robert Downey Jr., Andrew McCarthy, Jami Gertz and James Spader are all tremendous. Robert Downey Jr. is very convincing and you feel for his troubled character.The cinematography in this film is like a hypnotizing music video and for such a dark movie it is shot beautifully. The story of a troubled friend spiraling downward is very heavy, but you just can't look away. The soundtrack to this film was also a plus and I enjoyed the familiar and unfamiliar tracks."Less Than Zero" is a deep, dark cautionary tale.

Reece L (ag) wrote: Jarman's first feature is also his least accessible, a flagrant showcase for homosexuality conveyed through the death of famous gay icon St. Sebastian. Although his signature themes (isolated gay experience, opposition from outsiders, gratuitous nudity as a means of rebellion) ultimately yield lesser results than his later work, Sebastiane remains a singularly fascinating study of a historical figure told through artful, boldly anti-establishment means.

Robert I (ca) wrote: More Phibes fun with murder and revenge. Such a weird series.

Johnny R (mx) wrote: The infamous and controversial Cannibal Holocaust has been on my to watch list for quite some time. I don't regret seeing it at all but part of came away a little disappointed. The movie is truly disturbing, especially the found footage sections of the movie. It's a shame that most of the acting is pretty bad. Sometimes it's hit and miss. The main guy I think his name is Robert Kerman, he did a fine job. The beginning parts of the movie actually work quite well. It starts as a simple rescue mission and then the second half is the found footage parts and also Robert Kerman explaining what he witnessed in the jungle. The movie flows much better than I expected it to. The music is really good and it has this strange uplifting/happy yet creepy quality to it. It really adds to the overall experience. The animal killings are real as well as the tribe. Sometimes everything is so realistic with how it looks and feels I can see why the movie has the reputation that it does. However it's extremely dated and the violence, rape, and torture is sure to turn many away. But if you're able to look past that and see the underlying messages of the film, it's worth watching.

Isadore H (au) wrote: Despite the great cast Divergent had, I wasn't blown away by the film. The whole class system seemed a little dumb, as well as the names of the groups. I found dauntless to be pretty annoying early on, and the main character chose to live with that group right away, which I internally groaned. However, it soon picked up pace, and got considerably better as the film progressed, some pretty interesting characters were introduced, and the Dauntless group wasn't as bad as I first thought. Divergent wasn't bad, but it could've used more Ray Stevenson screen time

Lilhugo0124 (gb) wrote: Favorite kid movie of all time

007 W (de) wrote: Pirates band of misfits is pretty good, it's not great but it's pretty solid