Davis and Rains shine in a romantic melodrama set in the world of concert music. Davis is a pianist torn between her wealthy, jealous patron and her cellist husband.

A piano teacher believes that her fiancé, a cellist, was killed on the battlefield. When he returns alive, they marry, but are menaced and threatened by a wealthy, egotistical composer she started dating on the rebound. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Deception torrent reviews

Barb M (de) wrote: Strange but entertaining

Jeff H (jp) wrote: See the "Wounderful White of West Virginia" first since this fills you in on a little of the history of the Notourious family. A great gem that I never have heard of. On netflix streaming now.

Nic K (ru) wrote: if noones gonna lova ya...might as well love yourself......4.5 stars.

Trevor R (ru) wrote: I've watched plenty of movies that, afterward, caused me to want to go out and imitate what I just finished watching. This documentary is no different. The sheer beauty of the surfing spots in this film is a sight to behold. I loved watching the pro and amateurs alike shredding waves and having a blast. It doesn't really go into the history of surfing, but at times delves into some profound territory of how it helps unite people. Young and old, from different backgrounds, different countries; if you love surfing, you become friends. One instance in Ireland showed Protestant and Catholic kids surfing together for the first time. All other preconceived notions of one another were thrown out the window and it was just another time hanging out with friends new and old. It's just a beautiful documentary in general and makes me feel good just thinking about it.

J K (ca) wrote: My, how far you've fallen Stiffler. And what rock did Lou Diamond Phillips crawl from under?

Carl P (br) wrote: One of my favorite Docs ever.

Daniel K (kr) wrote: It is a Thai cowboy gangster western romance musical drama early talkie-like picture. It is crazy wonderful. It conjures up thoughts of Sabrina, My Darling Clementine, the Dollars Trilogy, Romeo and Juliet, The Wild Bunch, Rio Bravo, Scarface, Duel in the Sun, Gone with the Wind, Kill Bill, L??Age d??Or, Twin Peaks, etc., as well as countless silent pictures. It is Austen, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Thomas Hardy, Henry James, Raymond Chandler, etc all wrapped up into one seamless story. It is epic. It is Hollywood, or at least a salute to Hollywood; it is also Thai of course, but don??t ask me to compare it to other Thai films as I am most definitely not an expert. The colors are extremely saturated and slightly off, as if one were watching a combination of a single-color silent film and a Technicolor film from the 50??s. It is incredibly striking visually, but I guess that??s what you get when you transfer the negative to video and manipulate until it bears little resemblance to reality. There are moments of such odd and unnatural beauty that one has difficulty imagining how we are able to be satisfied with the natural world. I haven??t seen anything remotely like it made in recent years. I also haven??t heard anything quite like it. The abrupt cuts and overly melodramatic and theatrical musical cues are not often used today. It really does seem to be a throwback to Hollywood B and C pictures from the 1910??s through the 1950??s; which is not something one sees every day, especially from Bangkok. It is so strikingly derivative of early filmic elements and yet entirely unique in every respect. It is a film out of time and out of place. The west of Hollywood westerns never quite existed, but this time/place definitely never existed. This seems to make it oddly relevant and results in its having a far deeper resonance than most films. It is as if a Thai-director has created the quintessential Hollywood genre film. And by genre film I mean genre in the most general sense and most specific sense of the word. The performances and casting are spot on as well, from childhood to adulthood. The strong silent romantic male lead and the ridicolously beautiful and star crossed female lead are superb. It??s amazing how Wisit Sananatieng has managed to keep the perfect tone throughout the film and never miss a step despite dealing with such seemingly disparate elements. I considered giving this 4.5 stars the first time I saw it, but I think I ended up with the right rating. There are films that improve with every additional viewing and then there are films are so strikingly brilliant, original, and unique the first time around that they can never quite attain the same level again. Sadly, at least for me since I've already seen it, this falls into the latter category.

Drw W (it) wrote: watch it, by yourself. its gooood

Matt M (jp) wrote: Paolo Villaggio returns as the popular Italian comedy character Fantozzi, this time as an elderly man who struggles with the hardships of ageing and retirement. There are some nice moment, but this is a weak addition and a poor update to the Fantozzi saga.

Private U (kr) wrote: Liked this movie better than the first one. And am crazy about the theme song.

Matt G (ag) wrote: Tati's Playtime from 1967 is every bit as (if not more) prescient today than ever, capturing the soulless nature in which society progresses with beauty, optimism and wonderfully absurd humor. Even if it's not quite the near-masterpiece of its predecessor Mon Oncle, it is still a remarkable work of grand cinematography and quiet hilarity.

Eric B (fr) wrote: A bravado performance by Anna Magnani in an early Pier Paolo Pasolini film, when Pasolini was still heavily under the sway of neo-realism. You may be hearing Magnani's robust laugh in your sleep for days after watching. The script is a bit wobbly in deciding whether it's a story about Magnani's character or her teenage son, but the ending is surprisingly dramatic. Be patient with the slow opening, and stick with it.I loved the bit with Magnani sauntering down the night streets, indulgently monologuing about herself while other loiterers casually trade off on being her sounding board.

Avone K (br) wrote: A solid UK martial arts indie action movie, shot & directed well with some great fight scenes although not enough of Zara! lol

Cody S (nl) wrote: I used to say my brother Kale liked this movie when he would pick on me