Decoding the Past: Doomsday 2012 - The End of Days

Decoding the Past: Doomsday 2012 - The End of Days

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It is doomsday that is foretold in the Mayan calendar, the Chinese oracle of the I Ching - even in an internet-based prophetic software program: December 21, 2012. This History Channel ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karlo M (it) wrote: This is hard for me to rate due to a number of factors going on while I was watching this on my dysfunctional DVD player. Charisma is a riddle of a film. It poses a lot of questions without leaving any conclusive answers. The story revolves around a cop who is forced to leave the force after blotching a hostage negotiation. He finds himself in a forest where he meets a number of eccentric characters. One of them is a young man who has dedicated his life to restoring a rare tree that everyone seems to be after. Another, a botanist who wants to rid the plant due to its disastrous effect on the forest's ecosystem. One of the great things I've noticed about Kurosawa (I've only seen another film of his) is the way he places characters in situations without ever explaining them. It requires a lot of active participation, plenty of patience, and a lot faith in the director. When it works, it really pays off. When it doesn't, it is simply frustrating. Charisma is a film that needs a lot of attention and when you fail to give it any (or if you're sleep-deprived, watching it on a dysfunctional DVD player, and emotianally unstable), it will also fail the viewer. It is filled with rich symbolism and references that may or may not be understood the first time around. The cinematography is wonderful for the most part-- though a little dark and saturated during certain night scenes. The performances are offbeat-- verging on dead seriousness to comedic farce. The sound design was a little distracting. Some levels seemed to take things over others (maybe deliberately in a godardian fashion) but to a point of annoyance. It is a nice little film, not perfect, but convinced me enough to give it another viewing.

Private U (kr) wrote: The 80's were a golden age of hollywood, people smoking, ladies in bad underwear. A golden age.

Melanie F (ru) wrote: Original. The whole movie I just kept thinking how incredibly uncomfortable those costumes had to be.

Christopher B (au) wrote: A miscast musical that nearly strikes a chord.I first knew of this Broadway musical from covers done by (of all people) The Smothers Brothers. "They Call the Wind Maria" & "I talk to the Trees". I have no doubt that the stage version was much better.While Marvin had proven his comedy chops (as Eastwood would in later years), neither has ever been known for their musical talent. I can't really add "for good reason" since Eastwood has since become known as a decent jazz pianist & aficionado. A shame that "The Pardner" didn't play pie-aney instead of the guitar. Suffice it to say that in 1969 singing should have been at the bottom of their list of talents. Harve Presnell's fabulous ability to carry a tune almost seems out of place until we remember his character's talents within the film. However since this film is about mountain men & an untamed wilderness, their untrained vocal talents seem to fit - & this film is worth watching.Pay attention to excellent performances by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Ray Walston, & Benny Baker - who reminds me of a guy I used to work with.

Sam D (gb) wrote: A stylish and energetic caper, not high art, sure, but it kept me watching and would actually warrant a second look.

Nate J (br) wrote: This movie had all the potential of being a hit comedy as its two main stars are comic gold. Problem is its tries to hard and doesn't let them flow, and often falls flat. Great in places, but taxing on the most part, it's saving grace is Adam Copeland's character, who carries the film right through to it's conclusion.

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Decoding the Past: Doomsday 2012 - The End of Days torrent

Decoding the Past: Doomsday 2012 - The End of Days full movieDecoding the Past: Doomsday 2012 - The End of Days (2007) torrent