After his fiancee breaks up with him and gets engaged to another man, Dennis can't get over the idea that the cheap engagement ring he bought may have triggered it. When she dies, he ...

After his fiancee breaks up with him and gets engaged to another man, Dennis can't get over the idea that the cheap engagement ring he bought may have triggered it. When she dies, he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristen M (br) wrote: A solid summer kids show. I enjoyed it and brought the DVD for my nieces who are enthralled with dolphins.

Jamin M (br) wrote: I don't even know where to start. If you read my review of the first film, you know that I thought it was just okay. This film on the other hand is a slap in the face to devoted fans of the series. The acting is okay, the characters are boring, the dialogue is awkward, and the effects are crappy. I couldn't believe how terribly adapted the book was. This isn't a cinematic abomination or anything, but the people behind this film clearly didn't learn from their previous mistakes. It's good that Alexandra Daddario dyed her hair blonde to resemble Annabeth, but really she just could've kept it brown. If you wanted to match the character, why wait until the second film? Clarisse was added, even though she's mainly just for comedic purposes, and Mr. D was funny. But there's one problem: they were supposed to be in the first film! Tyson is pretty bland, and Grover is a doofus. Percy is even less interesting than he was in the first film, and Luke is a doofus, too. They also brought the Mist into the series finally, but what they do with it is so stupid. There's a scene in which Annabeth sprays, yes, SPRAYS some Mist on Tyson to make him look more human, and that's not even the worst part. Later on there's this mythical being with several hands working at a coffee shop, and when people look at him, he appears human. That's how the Mist is supposed to work. It's basically supposed to make humans see normal things to keep the mythical world a secret. So what was the point of spraying Tyson with the Mist like a freaking cosmetic product, when in another scene it works the way it's supposed to?! These are adults who made this film, guys. Adults! I've ranted long enough about this film. Due to my love for the books, I don't mind watching it sometimes and it's definitely better than The Last Airbender. But the first film is obviously better and these people clearly don't know how to adapt books into film. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is another missed opportunity.

Prattay S (gb) wrote: it was good. story of a night. really fun to watch.

DeJon D (it) wrote: Shrek Forever After is the 4th Shrek in the series, maybe even the last (Probably Is). Shrek 4 really does mean it ain't ogre, till it ogre.

Rebecca G (mx) wrote: overall worth seeing if you like slow moving, psychological ,artsy films. some incestual undertones can be disturbing.

James T (kr) wrote: Brilliant, perfectly depicted love story and coming of age. If you don't live or have a connection with England you will miss all the subtleties of this beautiful film. If you do understand English mannerisms, wit, charm, the environments, and all their flaws you will LOVE this film. Please, if you don't understand the English stereotype subtleties don't review this film... you are missing everything.

Rhiannon B (kr) wrote: One of my top ten fave movies - mostly due to the beautiful relationship between Paz and her daughter. I absolutely love this movie.

bill s (es) wrote: Hayek's best performance with the equally steady Molina in the good bio-pick.

Nikolas G (nl) wrote: i could make a very sort list called ....films make me left tears... this is one of them

Collin M (au) wrote: Could be five if bruce were in more than just the end. They should never have made an entire film with a double

Doug C (it) wrote: Odd noir with Ricardo Montalban and George Murphy as U.S and Mexican immigration police who collaborate undercover to investigate the smuggling of illegal immigrants.

ers (mx) wrote: polanski nin yine karma??k bir filmi.. dunaway ve nickholson ba?rolde..15 ya??nda iken babas?n?n tecavz ile cocuk dogurup evden kacan dunaway ?n kocas? sonradan babas? taraf?nda ldrlyor. olay?n iinde bir de los angeles e yap?lmas? istenilen baraj vs rant i?leri var..