Deep in the Jungle

Deep in the Jungle

Nawin, an army secret service agent decided to withdraw from a scientific investigation because of unlawful procedures that involved International forces. Jin, a young woman who Nawin once saved from a brutal attack is undergoing a strange transformation within her body as her blood circulates through mutation. Nawin decides to help Jin by taking her back to her birth place.

Nawin, an army secret service agent decides to withdraw from a scientific investigation because of unlawful procedures involving International Forces. Although he has tried desperately to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arpita M (fr) wrote: Save your time and money.

Thee Chad S (us) wrote: A boring documentary about being a man in America today... Apparently that is defined by facial hair, hair styles and cleanliness. Don't waste 80-min of your life on this no-trick-doc...

Jersey D (de) wrote: Better then the first movie, but still pretty dumb ??

Alex G (us) wrote: great documentary every Star Wars fan should see, really is crazy to see how the success of the movie destroyed Lucas as a filmmaker

Cooper H (kr) wrote: The Bourne Legacy simply doesn't live up to the legacy of the Damon trilogy. Renner is a more than capable lead, but ultimately the story he is given is weak.

Leonard D (es) wrote: Only a tiny bit better than the first, but still, a complete waste of time! I mean damn, the filmmakers just don't care how many of these get made anymore! I guess it's more important to sell your soul to Beelzebub than by giving a crap about your audience!????

Nick B (kr) wrote: This is dessert to the original, ends up falling short but it's more material for fans to chew on.

The Phantom C (ag) wrote: Johnny Got His Gun is a very dark, depressing, and relevant film. Though some of the performances are slightly awkward.

Paul P (mx) wrote: You go into this thinking it will be some over the top, melodramatic anti war film. But surprisingly the thing that stands out is how lazy the material is handled. Its caught between being a strong anti war commentary, surreal nightmare and melodrama. The performances are terrible and that includes Tim Bottoms who is usually awesome. The only acting that is worth it is bits and pieces of Donald Sutherland playing a helpless Christ. Watch the Metallica video of One where they put in clips of the movie and use the audio, that 7 minute video trumps the feature film.

Lauren H (de) wrote: An upstairs/downstairs melodrama as only Luis Bunuel could tell it. One of Bunuel's most linear narratives, he nonetheless manages to get his own glorious social commentary into every frame. His contempt for the bourgeoisie is palpable. Sexual repression abounds, only to come out as bizarre fetishes. Moreau is essentially an intelligent woman dropped in the middle of a surrealist film, generally confused by what's going on as she watches the curious behaviour of the ruling classes. Also a powerful, vicious and oddly humourous commentary on the rise of fascism in France.

Paul M (ru) wrote: Middle-of-the-road film with very good performances by Rogers and Grant. Plot is a bit muddled.

Christian B (ag) wrote: what an amzing classic. this is a fantastic movie that is funny cute and sad. its just terrific with some of the greatest performances i have ever seen in a movie. i dont realy know a lot of these old actors but mickey rooney i thought just stole the show. he is highly entertaning and spencer tracy just gives such a fine performance he does so good with it. i really liked this fantastic film and i pretty much never watch black and white films. just terrific. oh and bob watson is just one of the cutest things ever. he is just so terrific and one of the reasons i really liked this movie.

Marian B (br) wrote: The only thing that interests me in this is how sweet Channing and Jenna as a couple. Oh, and Justin Long's face too.

Andrew M (it) wrote: 300: Rise of an Empire really has no reason to exist. Its predecessor wrapped up its story nicely and needed no further elaboration on that world and its characters, and yet seven years later, we're given a film that is simultaneously a prequel, a sequel, and a concurrent story to the original 300. Surprisingly, it's actually better than 300: granted, that's not saying all that much.Despite sophomore director Noam Murro taking the reigns from 300 helmer Zack Snyder, much of the style that made 300 so beloved is retained: Murro manages to recapture the same tracking shots and speed ramping to keep the film visually consistent. This go around, however, most of the action sequences take place on the seas rather than on land, which is a refreshing change of pace if only in that some of the more outrageous elements of the first 300 are mostly eliminated (looking at you, giant elephants and grotesque hunchbacks). Not to say that all of the over-the-top elements of the original are gone: in fact, in some ways, Rise of an Empire amps them up to the next level. Stab wounds produce absurd amounts of blood that seem to have the consistency of jelly, and characters make leaps and bounds comparable to those of superheroes. The film is just as historically inaccurate as its predecessor, and the writing is equally bland. There's little to no motivation behind the war sequences besides the fact that there's no movie without them, and the pump up speeches start to lack the impact they intend to have after being repeated too many times.There is one aspect of the film that truly manages to keep everything afloat (pun intended) though: Eva Green. In a role that arguably puts Gerard Butler's testosterone-fueled performance to shame, Green is delightfully evil as the lead antagonist Artemisia, and somehow manages to have more depth and relatability than the protagonists. It's obvious that she's having a blast in the role, and her presence really makes the film. Unfortunately, the protagonists lack the same gravitas: Sullivan Stapleton is bland and wooden as Themistocles, and Lena Headey's reprisal as Queen Gorgo is shamelessly reduced to what's little more than a glorified cameo and a voiceover narration job.If more of this fictional world of testosterone-ridden (and perhaps slightly misogynistic?), ultraviolent action setpieces is your cup of tea following 300, Rise of an Empire is right up your alley. If not, it won't be converting you any time soon.

Sanjay T (mx) wrote: Interesting racing film, yet intense!

Naomi G (it) wrote: I had to take a few stars off because of Steve Carell. It's nice that his career has subsided a little and I have more choices in what to watch. The redeeming factor of the movie is Anne Hathaway. She makes this movie version of the tv show better than the original maybe too good... Barbara Feldon had a certain essence about her which I can only describe as stupidity that seemed perfectly natural whereas Anne is a little too arch in the movie version. Nevertheless, it's always nice to see Anne on the wide screen.

Garrett P (au) wrote: Outstanding job by DW

Wes S (kr) wrote: Pretty hilarious. The entire film is caveman talk, and even through that the characters are pretty interesting and funny. The dinosaurs are pretty bad stop motion creations, but it adds to the goofiness of the film. It's a great prehistoric comedy.

Ryan M (es) wrote: wtf was this silly film