Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe

When Will decides to tell his daughter the story of how he met her mother, he discovers that a second look at the past might also give him a second chance at the future.

A funny romantic film of Ryan Reynolds who plays a father - Will has a decision to tell his daughter how he met her mother, he finds out that the lens of the past gives him another opportunity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stacey O (es) wrote: Urgh! Waste of a great cast. So bored!

Greg D (gb) wrote: excellent. much better than bill maher's religulous or anything comparable.

Areeque T (it) wrote: Michael Douglas like you've never seen before. I honestly did not recognize him the entire movie!

Andrea S (ag) wrote: It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. It had its funny moments, but it wasn't original and seemed to drag out towards the end.

Lanky Man P (ru) wrote: Pretty darn typical satire film featuring Alan Rickman. Perfect for any nerd out there.

Johnny S (us) wrote: damon wayans of his character is the most funniest i seen and he made me so laugh, daniel stern that he the one most funniest insult to the visitor players include with lewis scott (damon wayans) moment, and dan aykroyd is the amazing funniest movie. im enjoy NBA basketball from the television but celtics and jazz are not both fan neither. watch it for the former celtics player larry bird cameo as himself.

Sean D (de) wrote: Take Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Replace Tommy Vercetti with Drew Barrymore. Remove all weapons from the game that are player accessible. Constant 6+ warning level the whole game. She has evolved her powers throughout the movies whereas she throws fireballs at the end in the form of meteorite balls engulfed in flames. With all of her training, it was never explained how she learned that ability. It's a very good movie with an interesting storyline. If you like this movie, then you'll love 1988's Friday the 13th: Part VII: The New Blood where a teen with psychokinectic powers takes on Jason, making for simply the best entry in the series.

Khurram A (kr) wrote: The acting of Sanjay Dutt in grey shades in the 1st half was the only thing worth watching in this old release...

cody f (jp) wrote: A great family drama about how shitty it was to be black, poor, and live in Louisiana during the Great Depression. It's not over sentimental and race isn't as big a issue as you would think. Great performances from Winfield and Hooks as father and son.

John F (mx) wrote: Another near perfect film. Silly story, OTT acting all saved by Jack Cardiff's ravishing photography. This afternoon's one-off Dublin Film Festival showing was seen by a packed cinema, all clearly entranced by a immaculate restored print. That Ava - no wonder Sinatra went doo-lally over her!

Irene M (us) wrote: it wasn't until one of the very last scenes that I recalled I had seen this before. What a sign of getting old! for an "old" movie, its actually quite watchable. its like the French version of Downtown Abbey, really.

Allen N (au) wrote: this movie to that what is all final fantasy not so post to be, they could done better

Dicky A (au) wrote: Saw it free on Pitchfork (was available for 24h)

Jens T (us) wrote: Ingmar Bergman's Shame it's a very interesting, very supring, but very unusual. This movie is an experiance of creating a fictional war, a war we don't nothing about and does't get any explonations why? Who is the enemy. What started this war, what is it all about? We are not prepared, as we are of a World War II picture because we know the whole story before. But a fictional war, the suprises are more suspencive. You know as much as the characters in the film. You become surprise to see the enemy bomb your area. Just as many other real people in real wars.