Dekh Bhai Dekh: Laughter Behind Darkness

Dekh Bhai Dekh: Laughter Behind Darkness

A woman faces challenges after she and her associates steal a Murthy of Bhagwan Shri Kishan from her estranged in-laws.

A woman faces challenges after she and her associates steal a Murthy of Bhagwan Shri Kishan from her estranged in-laws. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim C (us) wrote: Atmospheric piece with some nice moments but ends up going nowhere and saying nothing.

Dougal S (kr) wrote: Another Hammer classic. Christopher Lee turns in a mesmerising performance as the big man himself - even indulging in some traditional Russian dancing along the way.

Andy G (fr) wrote: All cheerleaders die is it ok horror movie about four girls that died and that's what what stuff bring them back to life to get revenge on the boys harm them. c (2014)

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