Dekh Kabira Roya

Dekh Kabira Roya

Mohan, Pradeep, and Ranjeet are three struggling and unemployed artistes, who share the same rooming house. Mohan is a singer; Pradeep paints; while Ranjeet is an writer in a newspaper. ...

Mohan, Pradeep, and Ranjeet are three struggling and unemployed artistes, who share the same rooming house. Mohan is a singer; Pradeep paints; while Ranjeet is an writer in a newspaper. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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J M (fr) wrote: "I could not tell if the writers were trying to go for supernatural or reality."***1/2Sonny Blake is a blunt radio therapist that moves back to her old house on Rosewood lane when her alcoholic father is-found dead in the basement; shortly after moving back she gets stocked by a psychopathic paperboy. This was another suspenseful horror film that has undeveloped characters with the exception of the lead character played by Rose McGowan. Like so many horror films of today I could not tell if the writers were trying to go for supernatural or reality.~For a mystery suspense, horror film I give it a C (Common)

David L (ca) wrote: Love Brit Marling and the director's East, but this one is excruciatingly slow & inserts nonsensical flashbacks (like what does Peter & Lorna's past have anything to do with their present self)? Good if you want to see how f*cked up people are who follow cults, religions, whatnot.

Ryan O (kr) wrote: I've just seen Junkhearts at Chapter Arts centre in Cardiff. I sawJunkhearts solely because I'm a big fan of Eddie Marsan and wanted to see him in a lead role, as I think he's a fantastic actor with a great range and a lightness of touch. As expected Eddie Marsan was fantastic, here playing an ex-solider, and brought a freshness to quite a now archetypal character. Familiar as this archetype is, the character is normally played out in a flat depressed state that flies off the handle at a moments notice. Instead the director Tinge Krishnan chooses to create a distance between the character of Frank and everybody else, in terms of the acting, the cropped framing, the use of negative space, and specific points of focus, which works really effectively. WithinJunkhearts we are also introduced to newcomer Candese Reid, who was found at Nottingham's Television Workshop " famous for Paddy Considine and the This Is England cast. Her character Lynette works her way underFrank's emotional barrier, fully realised in a spine-tingling scene where Frank cracks his first smile we've seen, bathed in gorgeous sun light. The performances of Frank and Lynette felt truthful and authentic and I felt sympathetic to each character and that's a testament to the director. Furthermore, the execution of the script really engaged me throughout. It was incredibly shot by CatherineDerry, I loved the self-defence/dance scene seeped in sunflare, the lovely bokeh in the bar scene with Shaun Dooley and Romola Garai, the bleak scenes in and around the tower block and lifts, the uncomfortable framing with Eddie when he's having flashbacks, the lovely slow-motion when he dances, and I loved the practical lighting, and the strip lighting inside the flat. If you like the work of Lynne Ramsay, AndreaArnold, Mike Leigh, and Shane Meadows, Junkhearts could be right up your street. One to watch in 2012.

Barry N (ru) wrote: This film was cheesy, but that is what makes this film work. The villain's motive was unbelievable and not realistic, but you can't have everything. If the villain's had been better written, this film could've been much better.

Andrey B (es) wrote: Film vividly recreates the Depression era America. Performances are great, boxing fights staged very cleverly. Good film

MarieBella C (nl) wrote: It's tone is interchanging between dark engrossing humor and flat out hilarity with solid albeit subtle performances to anchor it make this slasher flick better than most

Sarah S (es) wrote: The soundtrack is a-mazing. It's like walking in a warm dream world... Hazy and beautiful, makes you nostalgic for a place you've never been. Some inappropriate scenes, though. But the wonder of this movie overshadows them. Can be a bit long at times, but the beautiful soundtrack makes up for it.

NRN (kr) wrote: not good ... but romantic

Danny S (nl) wrote: Directing was such a new job to Stallone on this project that several times, cast and crew were in position, ready to do their jobs but they could not. They could not because Stallone would forget to yell, "Action." Sylvester Stallone told People magazine that his original idea for this script was to make all the main characters African-American. He could not find the financing for the film until he starred in it himself and changed the other characters to Italian-Americans.

Alessandro G (nl) wrote: An absolute classic with memorable jokes!

Private U (ag) wrote: Another typically great Bergman movie that's over shadowed by the fact that he released like five masterpieces in the period of about three years. This is one of Bergman's few studies of birth, so it's definitely worth tracking down.

Michael T (de) wrote: Historically important documentary was suppressed by the U.S. government for over thirty years.

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Lisa B (kr) wrote: Absolutely loved it, and loved the message it had too. Life truly is about the journey, not about what's waiting at the finish line. Blink to quickly and you'll find that life has already passed you by.

Jackson M (mx) wrote: It was better than I thought it would be

Cam E (es) wrote: It's not often I enjoy musicals unless I like the songs. Grease is a perfect example of great singing and great song choices and ideas. Grease is a fantastic film. Like most comedy's like this it does go a bit silly with the dances in the songs but it is just a bit of fun and silliness and I enjoyed it very much. Definitely a must see.

Simon P (nl) wrote: A weak, clichd blend of AHS Coven and (a teen version of) Rosemary's Baby that makes little sense and a final scene that is so shockingly crap it defies belief.