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Delincuentes torrent reviews

Heath F (us) wrote: Shockingly bad acting !!!! Cringe factor at 10/10 !!!!

Anthony K (br) wrote: awful film. it never feels like its going anywhere, the motivations don't make sense, the dialogue is awful and the ending is completely unsatisfying. waste of time don't bother watching.

Andrew G (us) wrote: This movie will really pull at your heart strings. Great movie!

Mary A (fr) wrote: I liked the style, and it featured fairly solid performances from the actors, but it fell flat in the end. I didn't find myself caring what happened to the characters either way.

Aaron M (nl) wrote: What starts out as an interesting premise soon falls into the conventional crime thriller category, ultimately having little more impact than a well done episode of "CSI". A shame really, since the cast for the most part is fine, although I for one am getting tired of seeing Ed Harris play the same character again and again recently. The cinematography keeps this film's head above water at least, but I'm struggling otherwise for compliments.

Phil S (it) wrote: Whereas the original Ghost in the Shell movie was able to convey complex, high concept, quite deep ideas in a mostly understanadable, stylish and fun manner, Stand Alone Complex has been a continual disappointment for me. Bloated under the weight of essay length, convoluted dialogue and confusing and dull plotting this movie in the same way as the series falls over with a dull thud under the weight of its own pretentiousness. Have I used enough big words? :) Its almost as if the writers expect the watchers brain to be hardwired to google, like the cast, to explain everything that's going on... Maybe I'm just getting old, but having sat through both series and this I still only got a vague hint of what it was getting at... On the plus side theres a really cool soundtrack (a highlight of the series too), it is full of cool technology, very nice animation (although the cars are cheap cgi ripoffs of real models) and the tachikomas are funny... ish... even their little comedy side cartoon is confusing. The big action is great fun too, all cool weapons, spider tanks, and exploding robot bits... Although when you have little idea why they are shooting at each other its difficult to get yeah, I'm sticking with the old movie....I am amused by the fact that a story that claims such intelligence and phylosophical weight is mainly marketed using pictures of a cartoon lady with a big rack....

Mike M (es) wrote: A muffed treatise on violence and the codes of masculinity... In its tatty and fumbling fashion, "Clubbed" is at least trying to communicate something observed at first hand about a particular dead-end way of life, and Thompson's direction is almost apologetic about its failings: the hero's (nameless) town is stalked by the same three ruddy-cheeked bruisers, voiceover is used to conceal inconsistent plotting and performances, while the soundtrack strives valiantly to suggest period detail the budget can't otherwise back up; there's a lot of Chic, which means the club scenes resemble a Studio 54 night held in a branch of Aldi's. Look out for the Neil Morrissey cameo.

Samantha S (ca) wrote: Tim Blake-Nelson in an unusual role (for him) makes it all worthwhile. Of course, Robin Tunney is pretty and appealing.

Amy (br) wrote: Horrible... absolutely horrible.

dylan s (ca) wrote: id say JR bookwalters 3rd best movie ever its a good plot even if some moments are cheesy i love watching labor of love little films it shows they have a heart! and arnt soulless like alot of big movies...

kyo 9 (kr) wrote: a mysterious movie..

Dean M (au) wrote: This Patrick Swayze's drama film was a disaster. This predictable tale of a former addict who tries to patch things up with his family does little to entertain anyone.

chris G (au) wrote: James Woods rocks it in this one as a cop in LA with loose morals and a high sex drive. A very unsettling film experience.

Courtney B (fr) wrote: peter made me watch this, and i really enjoyed it. particularly gregory corso's extreme close up and the concern he expresses about the fact that the clip mic on his leather vest draws attention away from his wolf pin. really interesting. outside of my dealings with peter, i think of the beats very infrequently since high school/college. i still believe in revision, though.

Don S (au) wrote: A mildly interesting western featuring strong female performances by the convicts chosen to be the "wives" of the engineers making there way across Texas. Not great, but not bad either.

Z P (ag) wrote: I haven't been able to find a functioning copy of this film. With Livvie and March, it's gotta be good.

JC M (gb) wrote: As good as a movie can get. A very serious drama.

Robert H (kr) wrote: Classic T&A film from the 80s. In fact, this film has a lot more nudity than some of the others which gives it extra points in the T&A category and while the story works great for this kind of film it falls apart when it comes to the grand finale revenge sequence which really doesn't quite work. If you're going to do this kinda "get back at someone" film, the revenge sequence needs to be good as the film really does depend on it. Hardbodies tries but having a guy get covered in honey by lots of women and then covered in feathers only to end up in a big tub of water sounds more like a good time than revenge if you ask me ;)