Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil

When a frightening wave of violence sweeps through New York City, troubled cop Sarchie fails to find a rational explanation for the bizarre crimes. However, his eyes are opened to a frightening alternate reality when renegade Jesuit priest, Mendoza convinces him that demonic possession may be to blame for the gruesome murders. Together, they wage a valiant supernatural struggle to rid the city of an otherworldly evil.

“Deliver Us From Evil” talks about a policeman who lives in New York City named Ralph Sarchie. The most difficult in his life is now he is struggling with his personal matter, when he begins to investigate a mysterious continuum murder that no one can explain the causes of their deaths. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruce B (gb) wrote: I saw this movie because I was interested in the plot and the cast. The "dirty cops" premise is lately becoming an exploitation, to mind come "Training day", "Dark blue", "Narc", and "Dirty". Unfortunately all these are far superior than this mess. The cinematography is nothing special, sometimes OK, sometimes awful. The story is quasi-complicated and fails to bring any tension whatsoever. The acting is not bad, but nothing special either. Val Kilmer, Sharon Stone and Barry Shabaka Hennley have little to work with. Biehn is pretty enjoyable. To me the biggest surprise was 50 cent - he wouldn't win any award for his acting here, but let's be honest, if I didn't knew he wasn't an actor but a gangsta-rapper I would have never guessed it. His character is supposed to be torn apart between right and wrong, but we don't really feel for him or never do we really see his inner struggle. This is however due to bad writing and is not Jackson's fault. He is not worse than any of the other actors in the movie, this could be due to the thin story, but still he does OK, no complaints here. Of course to all who know something about 50 cent, fans or haters, it is hilarious to hysterical to watch him run around dressed as a patrol cop. The dialogue is average. Now the action on the other hand, if not on par with films as "Heat", "Ronin", or even Michael Bay's flicks is actually quite well executed. The viewer is never confused who is shooting at whom and why, no guns firing 100000000 bullets without reloading either. The ending doesn't make much sense. The editing is good, no MTV-style quick cuts. Overall it is just a movie to kill some time with, but don't expect anything above average. If You are interested in the cast feel free to watch it. 3 Stars. 12-12-13

Matthew O (de) wrote: A very interesting and unique film.

Daniel M (kr) wrote: Seeing people age for over 49 years, and where there lives take them is very interesting. And that curiosity in seeing people change and grow, and seeing such a wide array of people lives, make this a good watch for anyone.However the movie is a little but too long, and people who have not watched the tv show (which i haven't) may get less out of it.

Ryan B (ru) wrote: On par with the first one. Worth a watch if you like this kind of movie. If not then give it a miss.

Elliott B (ru) wrote: First time having a look at this forgotten gem. Slightly plausible, and with a plot that seems refreshing compared to some action obsessed, sensory overloaded pseudoscience fiction of now.

olga r (au) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Chris B (gb) wrote: My favorite movie of my childhood.

Greg W (fr) wrote: good melodrama teams 2 WB 'biggies' dehavlind & davis with good results

Laura O (gb) wrote: Bieber was so real in this movie

Jarryd R (it) wrote: wanna see it i cant wAIT LOL !!!