Delivering Milo

Delivering Milo

A guardian angel has 24 hours to convince a soul that life on Earth is worth the effort.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   statue,   boat,  

A guardian angel has 24 hours to convince a soul that life on Earth is worth the effort. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Delivering Milo torrent reviews

Teena D (br) wrote: I just finished the book a couple days ago. It was interesting to see the other fighters talk about their experiences of fighting Ali.

Jayden C (jp) wrote: really goodmust see

Martin T (nl) wrote: A beautiful, intensely satisfying look at love and family. Breathtaking work of tranquility and harmony, even while the lives of the characters are thrown out of balance. Tran seeks out beauty wherever he can find it -- in faces, in food, in nature, in walls and ponds and rainstorms. Beauty in mood and music and emotion, and in family. It's intoxicating and mellowing, and feeds the heart.

Kaonashi (ru) wrote: *Mini-Review Coming Soon*

Jeff B (br) wrote: I actually thought this was a B-movie going into it. It probably would've been better if it was. This was bad.

Evan M (gb) wrote: If you know this film then you know it's all about the climax. Unnerving & disturbing.

Roland K (gb) wrote: Documentaire fa-bu-leux. J'ai apprci le message de "Herbe" ou "Nos enfants nous accuseront", mais celui-ci est un chef d'oeuvre cinmatographique alors que les premiers taient des oeuvres filmes la va comme je te pousse, sans cadrage ni point de vue rel, l o tombait la camra en gros. Quel rgal ici, et le fait que "Notre Pain Quotidien" (beau titre) soit un film muet (mais pas silencieux, bien au contraire !) n'y est pas pour rien. Ma propre dfinition du cinma, en quelque sorte : des images, du son, pas de dialogues. Outre la bande son, les cadrages, les lents mouvements de camra, l'emplacement de celle-ci, la dure de chaque plan, le montage de scnes contrastes, tout contribue crer un climat oppressant et donner naissance un monde apocalyptique d'o l'humain serait en train de disparaitre. Plusieurs plans, une multitude mme, pourraient appartenir des films de science-fiction, au niveau des dcors (2001), des machines (Robocop ou Terminator), du thme (Soleil Vert), etc. D'un strict point de vue documentaire enfin, on reste interloqu et hberlu par un grand nombre de procds technologiques qui relguent le taylorisme trois sicles en arrire. Manque de pot, ce monde existe, bienvenue dans l'Apocalypse de la bouffe...

Peter W (kr) wrote: It is now forty years since this film was made and it is still a fresh film. It seems as it could have been made today. The impressionistic cinematography of Jorgen Persson was then astounding and its visual interplay with Mozart and Vivaldi is still vital. It is a real classic and one of the best true love films ever made.

Johnathon W (mx) wrote: Delightful romantic comedy that is excellent for the most part but suffers from too many characters & subplots. The cast is uniformly excellent, the highlights being Hugh Grant as a befuddled new Prime Minister & Emma Thompson as a wife who discovers her husband is having an affair (her breakdown scene is one of the highlights of her distinguished career). The scene stealer, though, is Bill Nighy as an aging rocker dealing with having produced a cheesy Christmas song & deciding not to hide how he feels about it. Behind the camera, writer/director Richard Curtis crafts a fun 'romantic comedy epic', intertwining the various stories in natural ways while exploring everything from first crushes to adultery. Unfortunately, he has too many characters & plots that drags the film down a bit. Two in particular, one involving a Brit traveling to the United States to hook up with American girls, while another involving body doubles for a sex scene in a film, could have easily been cut. Plus, the material should have been toned down to PG-13, considering a main story is a young boy declaring his love to his first crush. Overall, still a fun, romantic movie and a great addition to the holiday film rotation.

830615521 (nl) wrote: I actually enjoyed it to me it was better than the original ???