Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter

After resolving a situation of exorcism, the half-breed demon hunter Jake Greyman (Sean Patrick Flanery) reports to Cardinal White (William Bassett) and they realize that the demon Asmodeus (Billy Drago) is impregnating many mortals trying to raise offspring. Cardinal White calls Sister Sarah Ryan (Colleen Porch) to assist Jake in his hunting for Asmodeus and his women.

After resolving a situation of exorcism, the half-breed demon hunter Jake Greyman reports to Cardinal White and they realize that the demon Asmodeus is impregnating many mortals trying to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin I (fr) wrote: I, admittedly, am a sucker for melodrama when it's done right. This film could be accused of lacking subtlety in parts or having it's premise stretched out too thinly in the last 40 minutes. However, it's a brilliantly acted piece that doesn't so much pull on your heartstrings as it does yank you down to the floor by them; and I loved it!A tragic story of loss, grief, religion, the human spirit and bluegrass music is wonderfully brought to life, largely by writer/actor Johan Heldenbergh and captivating co-stars Veerle Baetens & Nell Cattrysse. The two lead performances are as powerful as they come; handling delicately the balance of a flourishing romance crumbling into the despairs of grief.The non-linear script captures the moments in which these factors define our central characters' lives, depicting wonderfully how such raw happiness can so quickly evaporate with so little to connect the two. It's bittersweet and some may argue manipulative, but that's what these characters are going through - manipulated by the bitterness of loss.The tone is helped, mostly, by the soundtrack. A lonesome country sound follows us throughout and is only misplaced or overdone on two occasions. It also helps frame the breakdown of Elise and Didier byway of their relationship on the stage which crescendos in a quite stirring scene.Usually I hate the sick child stuff. The US are horrible at making these types of melodrama for TV movie audiences, but Felix Van Groeningen gets most of it right here. It can't have been nominated for an Oscar for nothing, no matter what some may say.You might love it, you might ate it. I believe it is powerful enough to divide opinion that strongly, but watch it either way. It's going to be better than a lot of things you see this, year mark my words. Plus, it has one of the most natural and least annoying child performances I've ever seen on screen.4.5 out of 5.

John Eric D (de) wrote: Letters from Iwo JIma is maybe one of the most untold stories by these unsung heroes in the Iwo Jima war. This is maybe one of the best Eastwood's films, its very influential and well executed. I'm very impressed by the brilliant performances by these finest Japanese actors especially when Ken Watanabe marks another brilliant performance in his resume. Superbly done and a must see epic.

Neil B (ru) wrote: Eddie Murphy continues his first run of awful.

Anna Mae S (br) wrote: this is a very good movie...i've seen this three times.

Mara B (de) wrote: Romantic comedy that's more quirky than laugh-out-loud funny. I like a romance movie where the story is not rushed. We get a chance to know each member of the couple separately before they meet. Once they do, it's a wild, zany ride to the end. Seymour's mom is a hoot in the restaurant scene.

Nathanael T (nl) wrote: Des scnes cheval tournes avec l'arme d'Argentine assez spciales, mais un grand film.

Kevin N (ru) wrote: This film was immediately controversial upon its release, and, nearly forty-five years later, it still stands as wonderfully frank in its depiction of two people who act purely out of momentary lust. The beautiful Jeanne Moreau plays a bourgeois woman who, upon our entrance into her life, is caught between her boring and unaffectionate husband and an affair with a boring and overly affectionate polo player. For the first part of the film she bounces back and forth between these two men, clearly caught in a routine she doesn't want any part of. But when her car breaks down on the way to a sure-to-be-awkward dinner party where her husband and lover are to meet for the first time, she is helped by a mysterious man and immediately lusts for him. Louis Malle expertly crafts the film so that we are always aware that this is a momentary affair, and that this man doesn't represent love for Moreau but instead the first real break in monotony, the first "other option". The film is most often remembered for its daring nude sequence, a sex scene which gets very steamy by 1950s standards. It's a daring move by all involved, behind and in front of the camera, and the scene is just as explicit today.

Heidi S (ru) wrote: I have seen a lot of films on rotten tomatoes that are given a lot higher rating and have been awful commercial rubbish. I cannot comprehend why this film was so poorly rated. The film was gripping, well acted and your attachment with the characters was strong. It did not rely on cliched hollywood endings, but left you questioning the rational for the daughters disappearance. Nicole Kidman as always executed an exemplary performance of a mother who begins to lose her mind, as it becomes increasingly clear her child might not ever return, questioning her role as a mother and the impact her failing marriage mighthave placed on her children. I feel that this film has been unjustly scrutinised and shouldbe applauded for its efforts.

Tim S (mx) wrote: A good comfort food movie.