Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer


Some places are born evil. Five troubled teens are destined to find it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martina B (ca) wrote: Nothing but applause for this movie, kept me engaged throughout coming to a freaky climax. Mike Flanagan rules!

Borhan K (fr) wrote: Draft Day was a movie about American Football I have to say i am not a big fan of the NFL but I became a fan of this film me and the Mrs sat down and watch this as well and were amazed at the storyline and what actually goes on behind the scenes on draft day in football.If your a fan of the NFL watch this flick although not much actual football scenes this is more about the management side.The ladies will like it because of the family connection the movie has.The guys will like it cause of the football.Again something all can watch young kids may find this boring.

Luciano G (fr) wrote: The movie plays with time, and you have to pay attention to figure out what the hell is going in, but in just about everyway, it delivers the goods, even though it can be a little's borderline soft core, along with the extreme gore... this one is only for Toe Tag fans...

BRUNO V (br) wrote: So stupid , it was funny ....

Grant H (ag) wrote: Very good movie. The plot offers something both different and familiar at the same time, giving Williams a chance to use his comedic talents, as well as his dramatic talents, in this funny, heartfelt, mostly intelligent comedy, that also has a great performance from Kunis.

Karolina H (jp) wrote: Outstanding performance from Michelle Williams - what an actress! Interesting film and although I wanted to see how the story panned out - the film did not engage me....

Samreen R (br) wrote: Usually i never cry atleast when watching a movie but this i cried WONDERFUL MOVIE !!!! Please everyone watch it.....

Linnea P (br) wrote: funny! the boyfriend was adorable :D

David M (es) wrote: Based on Homer's The Iliad, this is an epic re-telling of the legend of the sack of that city - a legend that, for years, scholars believed to be just that until they discovered the remains on the city.While perhaps overly long, this has some nice battle scenes, particularly in the initial beach landing (like a bronze age 'Saving Private Ryan' D-Day) and in the Achilles Vs Hector duel. it's just a pity that I found Brad Pitt's Achilles difficult to warm to, while Orlando Bloom seems very effeminate as Paris and Diane Kruger slightly miscast as Helen of Troy. On the other hand, Eric Bana is good as Hector as is Sean Bean as Odysseus, while Brian Cox makes a suitable Agamemnon.Finally, this version takes the 'wooden horse' of the legend literally!

Joe K (it) wrote: it says itself it is heavily based on Gacy, but it clearly doesnt care for exact historical detail. theres also a lot about the guy you dont get any glimpse of in the movie. Its about time for a real deal movie about a serial killer for once, not straight to dvd junk. Example: Monster.

Alex V (ca) wrote: One of my all time fav family films. Jamie is just flawless.

Sarah L (us) wrote: Excellent fascinating blend history and of Tibetan culture. I especially love the sand ritual woven into the film.

David D (us) wrote: Excellent documentary, not at all what you might expect.

Rachel J (es) wrote: I love the feel of this movie. The soundtrack, the desert shrub and the movie house. watched it so many times in my teens/ early 20s. Allison Anders sympathetic directing is great.

Lee P (ag) wrote: This movie is a absolute classic.Wondefully filmed with a awesome cast.

Louise L (br) wrote: black absurdism at it's frenchie froggie best.

Edward H (ag) wrote: I thought this movie was a HOOT!

Moi D (fr) wrote: This movie is so boring. Great score. Great animation. Just no plot