A group of people are trapped in a West Berlin movie theater infested with ravenous demons who proceed to kill and possess the humans one-by-one, thereby multiplying their numbers.

A group of people are trapped in a large movie theater in West Berlin that is infected by ravenous demons who proceed to kill and posses the humans one-by-one, thereby multiplying their numbers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack B (us) wrote: David France's passionate documentary covers the era of aids-related mass death with care and looks at this activist effort with pride.

Laura L (ru) wrote: If anyone knows anything about this movie, please drop me a line. I'm dying to know what this movie is about...what the story is. Thanks

Lucas Augusto C (kr) wrote: Pedro Almodvar back angrier and charming than ever. In "Broken Embraces", Almodvar takes a fantastic look full of grace and inspiration inside Penlope Cruz in the role of the sensitive "Magdalena". Another magnificent and sweeping masterpiece by Almodvar, in his fourth film with Penlope. The delicate and fleeting vision of this wonderful director bring us his style in a outstanding story. All I can say is "Bravo!"

Constana L (de) wrote: This documentary about Istanbul's music scene gains its merit by portraying a variety of music and underground bands, but lacks vision or connecting thematic. Honestly, I expected a more in depth presentation of this interesting and rich music heritage.

Kyle W (mx) wrote: looks like a defiant ones rip off

Emod L (kr) wrote: 81%Funny when it's not too cheesy.

Alexis N (it) wrote: Oh Alex Winter, you're even cute as a mutant. I really liked this cheesy little 80's flick about mutants. It was just so fun and the soundtack is a blast. Classic.

cody R (it) wrote: Any movie with Morgan freeman in it, is a excellent movie

Michael H (gb) wrote: Sub par Carpenter is better than no Carpenter at all, and while this isn't a patch on his earlier works there's still stuff here that's ripped from your nightmares. Great soundtrack too

JD t (it) wrote: A small town is taken over by a Hollywood production of a Civil War book written by Alan Alda's character. Michael Caine is a scene stealer as the actor chosen to play the lead in this film. Craziness ensues and so do the laughs. It's also hilarious how they change the factual script in order to attract the younger audiences.

Shane D (fr) wrote: I remember this being WAY cooler than this was on its repeat viewing. Aside from a maniacal (AND out of place) performance from Dennis Hopper, this was kind of a snore. I mean, it had everything that an 80s film about kids meddling with a foreign source of magic/power should have...just none of it was terribly inspired. Having said that, I do remember enjoying it as a maybe this film hasnt aged well or I havent aged along with it. Does it matter? No, because its pretty much a waste of your time.

Mary (ca) wrote: I remember watching Candleshoe as a child and always really enjoying it. Everyone plays a key role throughout the film and Jodie does a really good job as Casey/Margaret (at the time she appeared in a number of Disney films). David Niven is splendid in the role of Priory, among his other roles as characters used to amuse Lady St. Edmund (he is in another of my favourites, Murder By Death).If you are looking for a great Disney live action film with adventure, action, comedy, and mystery, I highly recommend Candleshoe, as it is always a delight to watch.

Private U (kr) wrote: The absolute original of all sci-fi-ish spy-ish movies made since the 1970s.

Colin M (es) wrote: Alien suffers from a lack of suspense and the alien creature not being shown enough, its also a very slow movie and a lack of action, but the acting is pretty good and also a very good twist . This makes the movie watchable at times

Brandon S (ru) wrote: David O. Russell's incredible work is hilarious, compelling, sexy, bold, and beautiful.

Laura A (ca) wrote: Every aspect of this film is beautiful: the acting, the music, the cinematography, the story. Your emotions will be pulled in a million different directions. It will leave you simply breathless. Spielberg delivers on a level of his own.

Muffin M (au) wrote: Tim (Mel Gibson) was a gorgeous young man with a child's mind. Mary Horton (Piper Laurie) was a middle-aged spinster. Together they were outcasts in an unbending world - and then they meet and a forbidden love blossomed.Mary Horton gazed at Tim. Had he lived two thousand years ago, he might have served as a model for the greatest Apollo of all time: instead he stood in front of her with total nonchalance. Tim's presence, and the special love they share, would alter both of their lives forever. Adapted from the novel by Colleen McCullogh, best-selling author of "Thorn Birds" and the Roman trilogy "First Man in Rome", "Grass Crown" and "Fortunes Favourites". also stars Alwyn Kurts, Pat Evison, David Foster, Margo Lee, James Gordon, Peter Gwynne and Deborah Kennedy. directed by Michael Pate.

Nicki M (de) wrote: Nice 90's rom com. Got to admit, I don't think I could forgive the guy who ran me out of business, let alone love him - but I could be over thinking it. I really liked the little book store too - really cute. Meg Ryan used to do this type of film very well. I have found myself rewatching a few lately, which is odd as I wasn't huge on them when they were first out. Though they are obviously dated now, they are still nice movies and she's very relatable in them.