Den Brother

Den Brother

Alex Pearson has a lot to learn about teamwork. As the star of the Lemon Oaks hockey team, Alex almost always has his way on and off the ice. That ism until he pulls a stunt so outrageous not even his own coach can give him a pass. His punishment? Suspension from the team, a never-ending list of chores and a job watching his little sister Emily after school.

Suspended from his hockey team, a teenager (Hutch Dano) becomes a substitute leader for his sister's (G. Hannelius) Girl Scout troop, only to learn how his selfish actions have hurt others and that his charm can't always get him through these situations, excuse his behavior, or repair the damage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris Q (es) wrote: I don't really get all the hate for this movie. I really liked it and thought it was better than Blue Jasmine and Magic in the Moonlight. One of the things I didn't get was Alec Baldwin's character. If you watch it you'll see what I mean, like you think he's in Jesse Eisenberg's head but they established him as a character earlier so I don't really get it. He just kinda follows him around and giving advice but it seems like only Jesse can hear but then in other scenes other characters talk to him so I don't know. This is what you'll expect from Woody Allen and I suggest checking it out.

Heng L (au) wrote: What do you stand for? This movie forces you to confront your thoughts about morality because if you don't believe in reincarnation, you are not going to be very emotionally invested in the protagonist's search for his reincarnated master. Then again, wiser words have never been spoken than those penned by Whang Yee Ling, 8 Days' movie critic: It doesn't matter whether the audience believe. Tenzin [the protagonist] does. The first half of the movie was centred on him trekking from village to village, trying to locate his master. And this primeval-like quest, heavy on heart and devoid of modern technologies say erm, the GPS, was soul-stirring to watch. I would have liked more up-close-and-personal interviews on what he thought about while trekking these villages. Was he scared? Was he confident that he would locate his master eventually? Did he ever second-guess himself? I also wondered how the Dalai Lama certified the toddler as the reincarnated master. What sorts of tests were conducted? And how could he be sure that his tests were conclusive? I guess that's not the main point of this movie but it set me thinking. I really wanted the director to be more critical and dig for answers. The logical-inclined me screamed my need for confirmative answers! I acknowledge though that this is more of a movie about the human spirit than about asserting rationality. The scene in which the parents were asked to give up their child (i.e. the reincarnated master) to their monastery was eye-opening and the scene I really hoped to watch. I wished that Tenzin hadn't been so eager to explain the whole situation but instead wait for the parents to voice out how they felt. He was dominating the conversation and I would have preferred if the parents were just given the silence to think, process their thoughts and talk through how they felt. Nonetheless, we have the mother agree stoically but firmly to giving up the child and the father agree hesitantly likewise "for the benefit of all sentient beings". What a quiet show of strength and sacrifice. An intimate and privileged peek into a life that's beyond the imagination of an urban dweller.

Wassim S (kr) wrote: Good, but very poor comparing to other performances of Gad. Bas still, amusing.

Yash B (jp) wrote: Excellent Pixar short.

Vrinda a (kr) wrote: nice movie ,little boring in the beginning but became wonderful after sometime and the music was mind blowing

Jiana W (us) wrote: Why do movies like this always feature Southern characters? People must attribute crazy fairy tales and unique lifestyles to those from the South, apparently. Anyways, the movie itself is okay. You get kind of sick of Jolene's propensity for sleeping with or marrying anything with a pulse. It's what gets her in trouble every single time. With that said, Jessica Chastain has wandered her way onto my list of favorite actresses. She's a terrific actress. I love watching her, regardless of what she's doing. I love this little redhead, haha.

Linda M (fr) wrote: A good mystery that kept me trying to figure out who was the bad guy...

Joel A (nl) wrote: The completely ridiculous premise of Shaq playing an ancient genie, once you get past this its actually not that bad a film. The story of a bullied boy finding a rare lamp with a genie inside.I mean it veers more on b grade but it does have a story & really it's the acting that lets this one down.Interesting also as this is a prime example of early CGI through out the film, since the technology was so new the visual effects are now very dated. It's a simple film that's really going to appeal to 8-10 years old & Shaq's acting is better than Michael Jordan but that's not saying much.

Dyron W (ca) wrote: Mallrats, Kevin Smith's second film following his break through hit Clerks, is definitely juvenile, but scores a lot of laugh-out-loud moments (and a neat Stan Lee cameo) and continues to have a lasting cult following.

Rafael F (es) wrote: Impresionante. Obra maestra!!!La revolucin espaola vista a travs de los ojos de un obrero comunista ingls que va a luchar contra los fascistas.

Diana R (de) wrote: One of my favourite films from my childhood.

Phil P (us) wrote: "Alright but this is the last time!".Of the times, of the times is probably what this film should be chalked up to. Or if not you can brand as going over my head. Either way I did not like 'Dark Star' - a meandering pondering often dull space 'comedy'. I use the quotation for good reason as there was so little comedy in it I don't know what to make of it in its entirety.Said to be a '2001: A Space Odyssey' parody but I don't really see it. I don't really know what I saw. Taking place on a space ship named 'Dark Star' consisting of 4 crew members - they are tasked with finding potentially volatile planets and destroying them. It's not surprising that this is a cult film - as that's the only way you'd get me to watch it again forced by a maniacal cult. Harsh but I don't get this film - which is probably the reason why it's a cult movie. I don't GET it but there are plenty that DO.It's a surprising first entry by 'John Carpenter' given we know where he went with future projects. The direction style does have his fingerprints all over it but with a slightly more B-movie feel. Plenty of confined tight camera zooms and use of empty space. While I like some of his other body of works Dark Star's biggest problem for me is it's a comedy with no jokes. It may be going for a more subtle approach but it's not strongly written enough to achieve that.There's fun poked at A.I with communications with bombs and a computer arguing with a bomb about false deployment. There's also a space tomato alien and mundane small talk. All of which may of intended to get a laugh out of me but failed. There are numerous others moments too. The only decent laugh It got out of me being a conversation of existence between one of the crew and a bomb.It can't all be attributed to the time and place as there are numerous comedies that hold up - it's just a script problem. It's paced well enough, the characters have distinct personalities but it's just dull even potential excitement with malfunctions and great music from 'Carpenter' himself doesn't stop it being stale faced. It doesn't work for me on any of its angles - a '2001' parody, a comedy or even as a Sci-Fi. Chalk however you want there's no way I'm watching it again. One for the cult crown indeed.