Den eneste ene

Den eneste ene

When handyman Niller comes to install Sus' new kitchen one day, their immediate crush is a sweet escape from both of their problematic relationships.

When handyman Niller comes to install Sus' new kitchen one day, their immediate crush is a sweet escape from both of their problematic relationships. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rex m (mx) wrote: So many films run away from controversial story and only use shocking gratuity for personal gain. This film had controversial pieces and used the hard scenes to move the story. A sexual scene takes place with 2 characters and nothing is shown. They left it to the imagination. It's still a hard scene to bare but alas it's better film for not being gratuitous. Outlaws is going to be a cult classic. Mark my words. Enjoy.

Plain C (ca) wrote: Just a guess this was a low budget film (whatever that means) but the attention to detail in this film was mental. Probably best film I've seen for a while. Matey from VHS 2 did this film too, which is amaze. Proper nuts film fuck off gore and that. I would compare the aesthetic with Turbo kid, same music and gore sorta thing. Bang on. And really enjoyed it which is the main thing right? lelele

Jamie J (ru) wrote: The picture quality on the blu ray is rather nice, which can't really be said so much of the other films. But when you have two hours of what can beat be described as bland, tedious blockbuster action does that really matter? It's like saying the Transformers films are redeemed by looks alone.The set up is bafflingly incoherent, things seem to conveniently happen even more than usual, but it isn't helped by weak direction and the main cast phoning it in with a gazed look on their eyes. Depp and Cruz in particular are woeful and only there for the pay cheque. Whateber shits Depp used to have for the character are gone now, the cheeky happy go lucky persona gone in favour of a weirdly intelligent, softly spoken and thoughtful Jack Sparrow. Ian mcshane was probably wondering what he did wrong in a previous life to even be there.

Tony S (ag) wrote: Good period Kung Fu flick about Bruce Lee's instructor.

MiCatLova16 (ca) wrote: I love Scooby Doo i have every single video and i luv this one

Lee M (it) wrote: "Chasing the Green" isn't a spectacular cinematic achievement, but it is an OK start for a small studio and young cast and crew.

Sebastian C (gb) wrote: Stockholm Filmfestival #6 (Horror Night):Frsta filmen ngonsin dr jag lmnar biografen innan filmen r slut. Det sger vl vad jag tyckte om den.. Fy fan..

Alex B (nl) wrote: "Ma, you should liberate your thoughts!" "You should try self-criticism!""People can work in those pants?" "I'm an art-worker--no manual work." "You sound more like a capitalist roader."I don't think there's a greater living film-maker, with a greater contemporary subject-matter, than Jia Zhang Ke. And this is a more poignant and even epic coming-of-age film than the best such Hollywood movies.

Mando M (ru) wrote: One of the best science fiction films in a long time. Cillian Murphy's performance is amazing along with the rest of the cast and one of the few times Chris Evans has impressed me in film.

Thomas B (it) wrote: I know this is a "chick flick". But I enjoyed it.

Najd G (fr) wrote: It's hard to ever look at cotton candy the same.

Stephanie R (mx) wrote: A fave! The songs in this are wonderful!

Justin P (de) wrote: A pretty good movie that never really wows.

Noname (gb) wrote: Nice drama/thriller and a good story.

theo r (kr) wrote: pretty cool for a bug movie

Lee H (es) wrote: Fairly good sequel that was bettered by the 3rd film. It seems to replicate the excellent original and comes off second best each time. Entertaining continuation.

Dinesh P (it) wrote: The film abroad a train is full of suspense and tense moments which you as an audience enjoy. The better climax could have been cherry on the cake. A film to watch.

Roxanne C (mx) wrote: Good Christmas movie, lots of laughs !