Den levande skogen

Den levande skogen


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Susana E (mx) wrote: This movie is crazy. Make you think of alot of things.

Jude S (kr) wrote: a fun girly movie, with lots of laughter and good sentimentality too.

Emily L (nl) wrote: Visually beautiful, and I love Reese, but she was all wrong for Becky Sharp.

Brandy I (ag) wrote: I give this movie a five only because vin diesel is in it.

Robert P (br) wrote: Thought-provoking and profound, but a bit difficult to come to terms with in places. Actors cross the line from melodrama to overacting occasionally, but also graced with masterful strokes from Bertolluci. Intersting the way the audience is expected to fill in a lot of the gaps and the script in minimal to say the least

MariePier D (nl) wrote: It's a good family movie with animals, I liked it as a kid and still do.

Michael M (mx) wrote: Interesting little indie film about the Beatles?? early days in Hamburg and even more interestingly, it focuses on the relationship between Stu Sutcliffe, Astrid Kirchherr and John Lennon as opposed to the core of the band themselves.

Aaron B (de) wrote: This movie just creeeeps along very, very slowly...but I still love it. It's engaging, and it wasn't predictable on my first viewing in '94.

Olivier D (es) wrote: I was very curious to see this movie that is supposed to be one of the (THE?) worst movie of one of my favorite actor, Sean Penn. I was even more interested when I discovered in the opening credit that the music was George Harrison's. I cannot say that this movie is the worst I have seen and that it is a total failure. I also cannot say that it is a great movie and that I recommend it. Almost everything is bad, from plot to actors, from the historic reconstitution to the way Chinese people are depicted. Some of the scenes are highly ridiculous/not credible : the first apparition of Glendon Wasey and his pink ties, what Gloria Tatlock (a missionary !) does to convince Wasey to help her, the character of China Doll... Finally, the music is horrible and highly disappointing considering George Harrison usual other works quality. This is just boring Chinese style music. Conclusion : If you are a big fan of Sean Penn, Madonna or George Harrison, this is watchable. If not, avoid it.

Jody M (kr) wrote: Glad I watched this. Respect for Turing who was astonishingly smart and vulnerable. It's unbelievable that this really happened. A pretty good documentary with a bit of dramatic reenactment to keep things interesting.

Paul C (mx) wrote: I do love a bit of OTT Victorian Steampunk adventure. Sam Neil should play more megalomaniacs.