Den ryska dörren

Den ryska dörren


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Juan Sebastian C (nl) wrote: It's the best film that you can get of romance. It's visually interesting, with their clever use of the focus the camera has and it's unique way of storytelling by visual artifacts; it has a thought-provoking scenario, a brilliant but simple soundtrack; although it's located in a not to distant future, you don't feel alienated of the world your seeing and it's relatable all the way.

Susan P (nl) wrote: Really not a great movie as movies go. Not even a great story. But it was a great watch for me and I related to a lot of it. Aspiring musicians should see it and think about it. The lengthy scene of the premiere of The Ninth is unbelievable and over-romantic but it's pretty cool anyway. It's not a film I'd rewatch but I'm glad I saw it and it helped me, as an aspiring and doubting composition student, to think and hope and muse.

Emily A (de) wrote: How did this even get past one level of starting to become a movie?

Ray S (es) wrote: This is not a great movie but a very entertaining one, mostly cuz it's hilarious to watch Denzel sweat off a pound every minute. The unintentional humor helped a lot too.

Ker Malkin G (mx) wrote: My word, Diane Lane was amazing in this film.

Rahul B (au) wrote: Am i supposed to evn dare review his works... no.. am just keeping track of my immediate feelings after I watch a cinema... and from the very first frame of this one... i knew I ws into a masterpiece... every frame is a gem... the greatest film on war I hv seen... the destruction that war can cause... the havoc outside and inside... and off-course... nothing is enuf for my favourite actors... Liv and Max... spellbound :)

Jorge N (ag) wrote: One of the most interesting films that I have seen of this genre, this character has to fight not only with the "bad" guys, he has to fight with himself. All the movie you have lots of empathy with him, you adore him. And that ending, oh my god!! He is a real hero.