Den store badedag

Den store badedag

Copenhagen 1930. Through the eyes of a boy, his family and the outside world is depicted. A well knit, working class family. The boy has great expectations on his father. This leads to the involuntary unmasking of the father.

It is the adult Gustav Adolf, who tells the story of the momentous day when he as a little boy with his father and mother and the whole staircase, went to the beach to enjoy the pleasures of bathing. We are in 1930s working-class neighborhood in Copenhagen. In a backyard apartment, we meet the little working-up of small Gustav Adolf (Benjamin Rothenborg Vibe) who has great respect for his father, Axel (Erik Clausen). Father has a very lively gab and is always ready to tell a story from her exciting life - often from the time he was on the big Argentine pampas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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darth v (es) wrote: This is a pretty bad movie, even for Adrian Paul. The special effects, if you can call them that, are 3rd rate. The only thing that saves the story, which is too little and too late, is the twist ending. If you have nothing better to do, but to kill a couple of hours like I did this past weekend and you're bored out of your mind, then by all means catch this on Netflix.

Holly D (ca) wrote: The frustration from each character was easy to relate to. I thought the acting was pretty good. It's one of those movies that has a lot going on at the same time that it doesn't really amount to anything of great significance. Normal life, sort of.

Brooke N (gb) wrote: slightly dated but still really good.

Grant G (mx) wrote: Even for the 60s it's terrible

Alberto C (fr) wrote: Es una pasada. Ni siquiera se porque me molesto en comentarla. Muy rara.

Al M (ca) wrote: Decently creepy and brutal in parts, Deep in the Darkness doesn't quite manage to fully differentiate itself from the various works from which it derives.

Estellha N (ru) wrote: Great movie. Real fun to watch if you like surprising twists to the story. I suppose its not for simpelminded actionfreaks that hunger for idiotic violence.

LARRY C (ru) wrote: Better than I expected.