Deng zhu ni hui lai

Deng zhu ni hui lai

A young man who is down on his luck is overjoyed when he is given a job working in the factory of a major medical company. He soon finds he was hired because he resembles the factory owners missing son.

A young man who is down on his luck is overjoyed when he is given a job working in the factory of a major medical company. He soon finds he was hired because he resembles the factory owners missing son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Avilis S (br) wrote: Sure it could have been better. I don't know or care what it takes to make a movie or edit it or whatever. Just as I expect an airplane to get me from point A to point B, I expected a sequal to Bad Santa to make me laugh and entertain me. I don't know what everyone else was looking for but I got some really good laughs and saw the heart of this Bad Santa isn't as bad as he thinks. I enjoyed it and this will be added to my future annual Holiday viewing.

L S (ca) wrote: DULLSVILLE, USA!!! Or Hong Kong, WHATEVER. I was surprised to learn that the main characters are married in real life, as they carried absolutely no chemistry on-screen. Perhaps they've already been married for 10,000 years and don't get sexy anymore. I wouldn't be surprised. This movie was that incredibly D U L L. The lights of Hong Kong were pretty, but I did get tired of 55 minutes of film set entirely in Hong Kong among the neon at night. Watching this movie, I learned what it is to be a boring person without passions. It is boring as PHUK. Boring boring boring boring boring boring boring. OR: monotonous, without passion, humdrum, tedious, lifeless, stale, tame, trite, uninteresting, commonplace, flat. Those are all good synonyms. Unfortunately, the movie is so unremarkable as to not inspire hate. It's remarkability is how unremarkable it IS. Make sense?TLDR: boring white hetero American male in "banking" meets boring Asian American female, both clean-cut, conservative in dress, and smoke (GROSS!) until female suggests that male to quit his job and pursue his interest in writing, which he does, and the audience knows it when (how original!!!) he appears on-screen in a FLANNEL SHIRT WITH A BEARD & A SATCHEL!!! OOOOHHH, CREATIVE & EDGY!!!! Honestly, I'm not even het up about this movie, it's too dull to feel much about. I would hate for my mind to be the minds that created this movie. I am truly blessed. Boring is NOT my problem. But it will be YOURS, if you watch this!ALSO: way to go on adding another ho-hum flick to the catalog of movies about serial monogamists "grappling" (that term is used loosely as applied to this movie) with the question of fidelity. Oh god, SNORE. I wish I could have believed that these characters felt anything for each other, but I didn't, so this question was even more unexciting than it could have been.

Allan J (kr) wrote: It's not that Rey Mysterio.

G W (mx) wrote: "THIS IS A POIGNANT FILM WHERE RUBEN BLADES SHINES" Directed by: Victor Nunez Running time: 116 min. Release date: July 23, 2010 (limited) Genre: Drama, Crime , and Gangster Distributor: Variance Films & New Mexica Media Partners MPAA Rating: Not rated In the literary world, the term "spoken word" refers to modern-day poetry or slams. Sparked by the words of poet Joe Ray Sandoval, a New Mexican whose poetry of dysfunctional love, family roots, and the hardnesses of life, along with co-screenplay writer William T. Conway craft a poignant story of self-expression, healing and family relationships in a Latino setting. The movie takes place outside of Sante Fe, New Mexico where Cruz portrayed by Kuno Becker (b.Eduardo Kuno Becker Paz), the well known Mexican lead actor of the "Goal" trilogy, is a successful touring poet and poetry teacher from San Francisco/Oakland Bay area where he shares his life with a beautiful artist named Shae (Persia White). His return to New Mexico where he has a shadey past of drug usage and dealing, is because of his dying reclusive former schoolteacher father Cruz Sr., brilliantly played by Ruben Blades, is dying. This stimulating plot places various characters in both Cruz Jr. and Sr.s' way of reuniting,, such as Emilio (Miguel Sandoval) a local crime boss and Cruz's younger brother Ramone who is relunctant to showing his brotherly love. The life process of all concerned in the film is a journey of redemption and recovery laced with crisp fast pacing and action. It is enlightening to see in various scenes the elements of poetry, such as, rhythm, meter, rhyme, alliteration, simile, metaphor, tone, theme, and symbolism being exposed to the audience pleasurably. Clearly, this emerging narrative offers the cast a platform to give terrific performances. I was extremely impressed with Ruben Blades portrayal of an elder sharing wisdom with his sons and challenging inevidable death. As thought provoking the storyline may be, Blades performance is twice as riverting and stimulating. This film gives an authentic look at the Latino culture in the South West, illustrating how cultural roles and machismo can give way when families can move beyond words, both broken and unspoken. Review by Gerald Wright

Jeff H (jp) wrote: This is tied at number one for my favorite 007 adventure and I argue that it's the second most important film in the franchise behind Goldfinger.

Geraldine D (au) wrote: Pulls on your every emotion right the way through, even decades later most people can relate to these characters even though society is different, a basic knowledge of history will help understand most of the underlying issues these characters face.

Stacy L (us) wrote: Why these three are so inspirational to me...I began watching, obsessively, the Charlie's Angels movie around the year 2000. I was a ripe 10-11 years old, my brain pliable, and I was looking for beautiful, smart and kick ass ladies to be my idols.These three actresses played the three Angels, and offered so many qualities that are extremely important to me now and what inspire me to be all that I can be!Dylan (Drew Barrymore) taught me to kick f****** a** (yes, like that), do what I want with my own body, be naughty, be serious, get down and dirty, make mistakes, get back up again. She was the rebel, non-conformist out of the three.Natalie (Cameron Diaz) was always smiling (such a big smile), having fun, laughing, and have a great time with life. Even during tough times and struggles, she shrugged them off her with charming personality. She may seem ditzy because of this, but she is incredibly brilliant!Alex (Lucy Liu) was the realist, down to Earth, smart, serious -- representing the need to be that way in certain situations. She was smart and not afraid to show it off -- while the other two Angels were a little bit crazy, she struggled to be a good girlfriend and care about the home front. Together, you have your kick ass, be crazy, be smart, sexy, powerful, brilliant and wild about life team that is probably the best representation of what a person, especially young ladies, should up to in this world. (Oh, and if you're not convinced, this movie also has Sam Rockwell and Bill Murray in it, so... get to it).