Dentist in the Chair

Dentist in the Chair

The misfortunes that befall three dental students when they become unwitting accessories to a burglary.

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Dentist in the Chair torrent reviews

Milena S (br) wrote: Really cute and funny! If you like Hetalia you NEED to watch it!

Orlok W (fr) wrote: A Compelling Journey through a Hellish Desert of Both Mind and Body--Good Acting & Writing Keep This Indie Percolating!!

Jennifer H (gb) wrote: The world of modeling is not always as glamorous as you think.

Post G (kr) wrote: A very compelling film, but left me wanting. I suppose the primary function was to arouse interest, which it did, but I felt that the film skirted around any real (deeper) issues. In addition, characterisation and motivation of the characters was very poorly depicted, and there were some laughably clumsy parts, such as Roger East's final scene.

Byron H (us) wrote: - Who wants to see religious propaganda? - [crickets chirping in the distance]

Evan P (ru) wrote: A rough attempt at political commentary. Interesting that they got some top actors to do it, when the movie was done so poorly.

Matt G (fr) wrote: Ehhhhhh. It was ok. LaBeouf made the movie a bit better.

Sophie J (de) wrote: charming, always in a balance between sad and funny, with this special "nordic touch" I love so much.

Jerome C (ca) wrote: Pretty good effort. But somehow unsatisfying. The performances are excellent, but sadly they seem to make more of an impact than the characters. I would have preferred the other way round.

Sean D (ag) wrote: This film was significantly better than the 2nd outing simply based on the fact, that the whole film took place in Vegas. Kind of hard to screw up that concept right? Well, it had a very slow beginning that was very beginning, then it picks up and gets much better. Somehow even though the Leprechaun was decapitated at the end of the 2nd film with freaking iron, he comes back as a statue that returns him to life, and where did this medallion come from? The way he dies in this film, again, it won't make any sense how he returns in 5, I'm sure. Apparently, when it comes to horror, I always have to remind myself and others that you have to keep an open mind as the rules always change. What do I mean? Well, in this case the Leprechaun can turn anyone into one. Huh? What? I don't know. But it made for part of the premise of the film. My one major complaint about this film, which is an ironic one....there wasn't enough gold!

James H (jp) wrote: 4.5/10. Mildly amusing, emphasis on the mildly. It sn't a total disaster, but not far from it either. The performances aren't bad. Just a very trite story, nothing special at all.

Mark D (au) wrote: Enjoyable cos the guy is a nutter. But nothing amazing. Think i had my expectations too high because its often labelled as the best Christmas themed slasher. Still, it has it moments and was fun in places. Relies heavily on its lead.

Joey F (de) wrote: Another movie that shaped how I view stories. This is an example of a simple, creative premise executed perfectly. Not only that, it's executed with purpose and theme in mind. I think the one thing they could have done to completely ruin this movie is explain why he's looping the same day over and over, but they never do it. I read somewhere that in the first draft he was going to be cursed by a witch in order to start the cycle, and that would have completely ruined this movie. It doesn't matter what's causing his to loop, so the movie doesn't address it. I think that's brilliant.

Anuj S (fr) wrote: Nicholas cage at his bloody best

Manish S (us) wrote: A good French flick with a strong dose of Hitchcockian style - about a bickering married couple who take an unforgettable road trip that ends in psychological and physical mayhem, which oddly provides a resolution of sorts. The acting is superb, and the story is fascinating psychologically. However, the pace is sometimes quite slow and there are scenes that appear unrealistic. Overall, a good but not great flick.

Amanda W (gb) wrote: It's about paper dolls, I don't get the name. What do Stitches have to do with paper?

Mohammed A (fr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Keith E (de) wrote: Amusing and cute, but overall fairly lackluster. Rex Harrison is great but seems a bit miscast.