Department Store

Department Store

In a massive department store the driver romances the shopgirl. The problem is that the manager also has his eye on her, and some employees seem to be pilfering goods from the place.

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Department Store torrent reviews

tim k (de) wrote: this film is epicly ninja and so bad ass!

Josh A (br) wrote: Appallingly unfunny, torturous to watch, and the carelessness of everyone involved is alarming

Adil S (br) wrote: Average science fiction movie, which went too slowly at some places and had rare background score. The lightening point was Kay Kay Menon?s interpretation of his role.

Jason S (de) wrote: Don't have one good thing to say about this one - It STUNK!!!!

Jonathan C (ru) wrote: Fan service to the max! Everybody's in this movie! Even Billy Dee, Carrie Fisher and Kevin Smith and the Shat!! And how the what the what!?! Ernest Cline wrote the screenplay?!?!

Jasmine S (us) wrote: Simply wonderful. Aish's performance is jus WOW

Emmelina F (it) wrote: It wasn't that great of a movie

Virginia J (kr) wrote: Loved this. Voguing for life!

Brandon S (es) wrote: The greatest American character study ever shown on the silver screen. "Taxi Driver" cemented Scorsese in my mind as not only one of the best American filmmakers in the history of cinema, but also my personal favorite artist currently living.Robert De Niro brings to life a deep and fascinating character crafted in a breathtaking script by the great Paul Schrader.Travis Bickle is the most fascinating character I've seen in American filmmaking, because he deceived me like no one else had. He has a deep yearning and loneliness that I believe all viewers will understand, but it's the way he betrays the viewer's trust that sets him apart from the psyche of the average moviegoer. He has the chance to do something meaningful that he wasn't given the chance to truly do in Vietnam yet he chooses the path of violence and death.Martin Scorsese's direction is light and jazzy, similar to his masterpiece "Mean Streets", and different from the rigidity in structure found in films like "GoodFellas" and "The Departed". It's a film with dark and probing themes dealing with a man's search for intimacy and purpose, but is crafted with an airy sensitivity that is matched by the authenticity of De Niro's earth-shattering performance.Also, the musical contribution by the great Bernard Hermann can't at all be understated. His scoring in this film IS New York City. The difference is that this music doesn't carry the optimism we hear in other New York films. Hermann's music is the seedy, dicey, ugly underbelly of New York that Scorsese wants you to see.I could gush about this masterwork of cinematic ingenuity and invention all day, but sadly I must find a way to sum things up. In a word, "Taxi Driver" is magic. It's trickery and illusion; it meshes the real with the unreal; the spiritual with the physical. It touches on so many things from true love versus faux intimacy to justice versus violence. This is my favorite of all time, and, in my opinion, a perfectly directed film. If you haven't, stop what you're doing and watch this movie.

David C (nl) wrote: El segmento de Jean Pierre interpretando por segunda vez a Antoine Doinel es muy bueno.

Amanda C (br) wrote: There some great things about this film, and some not so great. Lang does a pretty good job of building suspense, although cheaply through the use of overly dramatic music and a ridiculous amount of smoke. Joan Bennett has a fabulous voice that is used to good effect here. There are quite a few lines that were supposed to be profound when the film was released, but are now just silly and a tad stupid.The biggest problem with this film is the explanation of why Mark wants to kill Celia. She reminds him of a childhood trauma that his mother inflicted on him, which was, wait for it...she locked him in his bedroom when he was ten for a few hours, which clearly means he has harboured feeling of deep loathing for his mother ever since. Turns out it wasn't even his mother who locked him in, but his sister. This whole explanation as well as the thinly veiled hits dropped by the psychoanalyst during a tour of the murder rooms makes it so unbelievably implausible that the fairly strong opening is undermined.

Scott N (mx) wrote: I bought it... I'm ready to watch it.... I'm anticipating!!!!

Paul A (de) wrote: I'm a huge fan of Will Smith but this film was very, very boring.

Marc R (au) wrote: Just a flat cop film.