Daigo, a cellist, is laid off from his orchestra and moves with his wife back to his small hometown where the living is cheaper. Thinking he’s applying for a job at a travel agency he finds he’s being interviewed for work with departures of a more permanent nature – as an undertaker’s assistant.

A newly unemployed cellist takes a job preparing the dead for funerals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Departures torrent reviews

Arvinth K (ru) wrote: good story telling, speedy screen play, nice casts, brilliant message...

Nn S (us) wrote: Cliched and filled with painfully dated scare tactics that filmmakers should've stopped using over two decades ago.

Vincent J (mx) wrote: Djant! Et a pourrait donner quelques ides...

Daniel M (ag) wrote: i dont want to say much because i m tired.nice movie, definately. nice dialogs, very nice played churchill, i liked the ending. very cool, very nice. it s difficult to make a film exciting enough when you already know what s happening (historically) the film made it happen. nice movie. thanks

Mohammed A (us) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Robyn M (br) wrote: I have to say this movie was not appealing. But great and utter disapointment. Julia Stiles is by far one of the great actress of our time, and yet this movie steps her down from the talent she has.2 storys that collide into one, The prince lacks much needed charming. He depends hand and foot on his servant thats suppose to be a friend... after all he's trying to be "normal". several, actually numerous occations of speed racing, flaunting many wemon off his shoulder he goes after the orginal joe...Ms.Stiles who can't stand him. without telling her the truth they get hit by tabloids and paprazzi during a libary romp. When he leaves, he tells no one and Stiles is packing her bags chasing him like a lost puppy, following orders of law and new found society when she had enough she leaves him after he purposes. Getting back on track to graduate she stupidly takes him back at the end. Willing to sacrafice No Equallity or choices, just to be a princess and not follow dreams of being a doctor. which is a shame, and not far to her.

Vicki R (kr) wrote: pulls you in - no over the top bad men, just sound story with sound, struggling characters - what was settling the west truly like?

Jamey M (kr) wrote: I love a great B movie with forced acting and good ole Jean-Claude. Lol

felipe m (fr) wrote: Piloto da srie "Ultraman Nexus", esse longa se chama na verdade "Ultraman, The Next" e conta a origem deste novo heri da famlia Ultra. Trata-se de um recomeo da histria do "Ultraman" visto de forma mais realista e menos romntico-infantilizada como na primeira srie de 1969. Utilizando-se da poca atual pra contemporizar a percepo dos humanos quanto a apario de seres espaciais gigantescos, o filme mostra a luta entre "The One", o primeiro monstro a aparecer na Terra e "The Next" (Ultraman), encarado assim como um segundo monstro. Os desdobramentos deste filme se deram na srie "Ultraman Nexus" com 37eps.

Charles C (ru) wrote: I found this to be a quick-witted, dramatic but comedic mockumentary. The subject matter seems to be dependent on the viewer's taste. The jokes are tightly placed throughout the film and has some nice cameos. I cannot help but feel some of the film was influenced by "Pret-a-Porter."

Brian S (ca) wrote: If you like films directed by Roger Corman, you're gonna love this one. Octaman is a Mexican radioactive mutant played by a guy in a rubber suit. When a group of scientist start collecting his offspring -- little rubber octopi with red-in-green cat eyes dragged through the grass on strings and otherwise incapable of movement -- Octaman starts attacking. But what he really wants is to kidnap a rather haggard-looking female Mexican scientist, because he needs a mate. So, where did the offspring come from? Maybe Octaman is really Octomom. That's only one question about this flick. Here are some others:1. Why does it randomly change from day to night in Mexico? Apparently, there's a great deal of this going on down there. Day and night shift back and forth without warning in the middle of scenes. We must do something to stabilize the rotation of Mexico!2. Couldn't they find an actual Mexican actor to play the part of Mexican guide Davido? Instead, they got some random hippie seems about as Mexican as Garrison Keillor. Listening to his accent change between a terrible Mexican and clearly American one is a wonderful thing, but his improvised whistling of The Mexican Hat Dance at strange times truly seals the deal.3. If you stand in the middle of a 15'-wide circle of foot-high flames, do you really pass out due to lack of oxygen? Octamen do.4. If you throw a net over something and don't tie down the net, should you really expect that the thing you've netted will be unable to move?Like any good scientific expedition, the one in Octaman raises more questions than it answers. That's good science for ya! And watch for the mismatched stock footage that changes a Mexican lakefront into a Florida bayou, a little creek into whitewater rapids, and the bottom of a lake into a wondrously colorful coral reef!Octaman is awful film-making at its finest. Somewhat reminiscent of Roger Corman's "Creature from the Haunted Sea," but with dialogue that could have been penned by Ed Wood (e.g., "It's amazing what the human body can do in the face of survival!"), this classic dreck-flick is sure to please the most discriminating connoisseur of bottom-of-the-barrel 1970's sci-fi creature features. Viva la rubber octopus-man!

Kaneda (de) wrote: [b]Oldboy[/b] - :fresh: Everyone is right. This is awesome. [b]Three[/b] - :fresh: 1. Good, but predictable. 2. Good, but a little looney, and the end is a cop out. 3. Best of the bunch, could have been a feature. [b]Alive[/b] - :fresh: Versus director dude is the man, and while this is slow at first, it picks up in the end. For sci-fi nerds only. [b]Saw[/b] - :rotten: Had so much potential, and it was squandered. Needed more scenarios, less clues, and a stronger ending. [b]Taxi[/b] - :fresh: I'm bitchy about comedies, and I actually thought this was pretty funny. I mostly watched it to see how Tim Story could handle his action, (since he's directing Fantastic Four) and I'm pleasantly surprised. My hope for FF has increased.

Grant S (mx) wrote: Jason Kelly is a young, upwardly-mobile lawyer at a law firm in Atlanta. His grandmother has just died and his grandfather, Dick Kelly, needs someone to drive him to Florida. Little does he know that Dick really just wants to go to Spring Break in Daytona...From the promos this looked pretty juvenile. It is, sort of, but works. The main reason that it does so is Robert De Niro as Dick. He gets the best lines, particularly some great put-downs and banter, and delivers them perfectly. What's more, the humour isn't all of the puerile variety and there are some clever punch-lines and scenes along the way. Quite subversive at times too.Plot is pretty basic and predictable but it's not bad. Overall, well worth watching, unless you're someone who is easily offended and/or has no sense of humour.

Eli M (us) wrote: Fearless lead performance by Nicholas Hope. (Forrest Hanks be shitting his pants at Bubby's bravura performance!)