Der Banker: Master of the Universe

Der Banker: Master of the Universe

A former banker in Germany, who entered the business with the advent of modern computer systems reminisces of his working years in some of the world-leading banking corporations.

A former banker in Germany, who entered the business with the advent of modern computer systems reminisces of his working years in some of the world-leading banking corporations. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Victor T (br) wrote: Normally I write a small synopsis of the film in question but "The One I Love" surprised my with its unexpected story, so I recommend you just watched this film without any knowledge of its plot, you won't regret it. To be honest, the only reason I watched this film is because I am a huge "Mad Men" fan and I saw that Elisabeth Moss was in this and I adore her in that show, so I started watching unaware of what I was getting into and I am more than glad that I saw this film without any previous knowledge. "The One I Love" counts with a premise that feels like a straightforward version of Charlie Kaufman (in fact the overall story is like an antithesis to "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"), the acting is spectacular (Moss continues to impress me, even if her dual performance resembles Peggy Olson, and Mark Duplass makes a solid first impression on me), Charlie McDowell does a solid job for a new time director as he manages to perfectly establish a claustrophobic feeling in a paradise setting, the psychological aspect is executed solidly (this may not be a horror film but it managed to get under my skin), and overall it is extremely interesting to witness the interactions between the characters. But sadly, this intriguing little film has a handful but major problems. The pacing is all over the place as it shows that McDowell struggled to extend this premise into a 90 minute film, despite the fact that the story is interesting it is predictable after the buildup concludes, it could have used some doses of comedy (I don't get why some people call this a "Rom-com". It is not trying to be funny at all), and the last act tries way too hard to ground the story, thus creating some logistical problems. "The One I Love" is an intriguing yet unpolished film as it counts with an intriguing premise but it suffers from the inexperience of its director and screenwriter due to the pacing issues and the fact that another rewrite could have solved the many issues this film presents in its final act. But regardless of the last half hour, this still is a confident directorial debut that's more than recommendable (it is now a new entry in my list of underrated films).

Ara I (kr) wrote: Absolutely likeable and funny.. Rome is such a nice scenery for a movie.

John B (nl) wrote: The film was rubbish & very slow & no action

Kay L (ru) wrote: Good, but so long. Could have shaved off at least forty minutes.

jessica l (ru) wrote: "handle it carefully and sincerely."if you're interested in the content then you'll enjoy this.. although the zen chef sure does cry a lot. "the food will taste better if the cook is joyful."

Brandon C (jp) wrote: After years of wanting to see this, I finally discovered that it was available on Amazon Prime. Well worth the wait! I loved this movie and will definitely watch it again!

Gregory S (ag) wrote: Is it predictable? Yes, but this is actually one of the only sport movies I like.

Allen B (au) wrote: Love the music and Jennifer Aniston looks incredible. And I would want the Batmobile as well.

Brooke N (ag) wrote: Very slow, but good story.

Maineutral R (ca) wrote: That's a horrible pace and editing...but the action scenes are cool, but damn, that editing...and the lack of much more's unforgivable.

James T (jp) wrote: my only complaint with this movie is that it is a bit overlong.

Lotti K (ru) wrote: Sooooooooo aaaawwwweeeesssooooooommme!!

J L (au) wrote: good story but more fighting and better filming cudda done wonders 4 this

Eric H (ag) wrote: The story is fast paced and fun, and the dialog is so (unintentionally?) humorous that one just has to laugh and smile even through the murders. Tod Slaughter is a wonderful dastardly old villain.For this kind of melodrama, it couldn't get much better than Crimes at the Dark House. Quite entertaining.

Mackayla b (gb) wrote: Different but good concept

Marischa B (au) wrote: Kate Bosworth was great in the movie. Krysten Ritter was great as well. Justin Kirk, who played Henri was great as well. And no he's not French. Rachael Bilson was amazing. They could have made a movie on just her. From Valley of Dolls to America's Last Virgin. She was awesome. So what went wrong? The script didn't have enough development in the relationships. Kim and Deena looked comfortable and their rapid fire exchange showed they had great chemistry but it didn't happen enough, which is why Bilson's character stood out the most since she did it on her own. She was sweet, innocent, fun, kind, and sexy in a sweet girl next door way. Then there's Nicolas and the baby. Why? The story centers around this for a good portion of the movie then Kim finds herself. This could have been Bridesmaid fun. Instead it ends up being a movie that falls flat. It remembers me of Life as We Know It and Friends with Kids. Both which are better than this. But I would love to see Rachael Bilson, Kate Bosworth, Krysten Ritter, and Justin Kirk do a spin off of sorts minus the baby and Nicolas. And Jason Biggs? Wasted effort.

Mohammad A (au) wrote: saw series are the best movies I've seen ever.. I'm not talking about the horror as I don't see it's scaring at all, I meant the story itself, the plot and the ending which make you see the movie in a different eye I can't stop repeating all the series again and again and again

Paulina A (ca) wrote: Was kind of good... Not the best one

Matthew P (br) wrote: Shakespearean delight