Der Fluch der Grete Müller

Der Fluch der Grete Müller

A group of teenagers want to shoot a documentary about the legend of Grete Müller. They visit the forest which is supposed to be haunted.

RAW illuminates the legend of Greta Mueller, who in the 17th Century found her death at the stake! With her last strength she uttered a curse: "Should bring terror upon you my first-born!" - In the same night, she tormented the child who was to be a likeness of the devil, from the lifeless body of the pregnant woman. Three young women took in late summer of 2009 in the woods for the truth about the devil himself and his mother ... this they have probably found. But all trace of the women are still missing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Der Fluch der Grete Müller torrent reviews

James M (br) wrote: How this never won an oscar... Shadow of a tear, it will make you cry

Jonathan P (jp) wrote: I loved the Donnie Yen films and though Yu Hang To does an admirable job portraying a younger Ip Man the story is uninteresting and the fight scenes heavy on the wires and choreography. I was very excited to see The Legend is Born but to be honest it is so far below the standards of the two Yen films that it can easily be skipped over without missing a thing.

Akshay R (mx) wrote: A satisfying thriller!

Brandon M (it) wrote: Not bad, good rental. Very graphic deaths

Sanj 7 (au) wrote: it's a hindi cartoon !!! i have to see it !!!

Joyce A (ca) wrote: I liked it..I laughed.. I considered it somewhat of a spoof on the Horror/Action genre. And I swer I aw a few guys from The Eagles(Band) in it.

Conrad T (it) wrote: A few funny moments and dialog though.

Kylie N (nl) wrote: Another movie about a girl trying to make a guys team. girls rock at everything, but i'm not sure if this movie will be all that good.

David Ray G (ca) wrote: Somewhere between tragic and folly, comes the story of an unappeased young man, Jeffrey, who is in love with an HIV-positive man and denies to get involved with him because he cannot stand to see him die eventually. Unfortunately, Paul Rudnick remained too true to the play this movie is based on that his film fails to deliver. There are some hidden tracks in the forest, there are some memorable scenes and quotes, but that is all and nothing more. Some of the actors give knock-out performances (with Sigourney Weaver and Patrick Stuart most worth mentionable). Just a sappy, light-hearted, clear romantic comedy that did not lead us where it should have.

Stacey L (ca) wrote: My favorite movie, although it wasn't played out for all it's worth but very strong

Philip Z (au) wrote: There is nothing wrong with enjoying this film, regardless of what the PC Police have to say about. Sure, we've made leaps and bounds in race relations since this film was made, but to call it hateful or mean-spirited is more or less on account of bring one's own baggage into what I consider a fine family film. Sure, it's not accurate to what race relations were like during the post-Civil War South, not even close. But, as a piece of escapism, it does the job spectacularly. It can be viewed as a fantasy, what we would hope race relationships would be like between blacks and whites during that time in history. Everybody smiles and life is more like a contemporary suburb where color is a non-factor. I can understand why some would hate that. I can see how someone would see this film as making light of a horrible time in history, but I can also see how Disney's intention was never to be cruel or mean-spirited with his work here.

Mike M (br) wrote: robert deniro and billy crystal are great together and really feed off each other to help push this movie along.

Jose Miguel G (jp) wrote: It plays mostly for the laughs, when it's not cliche-ing the genre, but the gore-fest is definitely entertaining, with plenty of fun, great effects, and paying tribute to one of the big names out there, The Evil Dead.