Der Fuchs von Paris

Der Fuchs von Paris

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James H (us) wrote: Danny Boyle's style of directing works perfectly in this film. James Franco is fantastic, he shows so much range, he is likeable, funny (although he has his problems) and after the accident, more knowledgable and caring. Every detail in this film makes sense and adds to the overall storyline, from the Swiss Army knife he left behind to the giant Scooby-Doo balloon. It is also very entertaining considering only one man centres for most the film, which just shows the charisma of Franco.

Corwin M (br) wrote: It's not just that the animation is superb, this movie has a lovely blending of nostalgia and futurism, permeated throughout by the surreal. The story is subtly complex and multipart and the characters are three-dimensional, with many of them sympathetic in different ways, like a multifaceted reflection of humanity.

Corey B (ag) wrote: It's a hard film to watch, you have to know the scene I suppose to get the film, it doesn't surprise me that many people didn't take to this film but it does have some redeeming qualities.

Archibald T (nl) wrote: There was a very strange thing in the first 20 minutes that I noticed. Instead of setting up the characters or building up a first act structure it seems that first time writer/director Justin Dix thought to put together an opening 2nd act to begin the film because it starts as if we're right in the middle of the story already! No set up except for the thrown together details that a group of military people have to go find their lead science team at a remote outpost after they've lost contact with them.A young woman, Eve, awakes and finds herself in what looks like the interiors of a spaceship, but it's really a top secret government facility. Her brain has been recently operated on for a project known as Genesis. The project includes giving people psychic abilities to combat the world's most notorious enemies. Psychic warfare as a means of turning it's enemies against themselves sounds like something Dr. Eric Vornoff would come up with.For reasons that we're never really sure of, the prisoners that were kept at this facility have escaped. Their newly acquired powers are put to use once the military enter the picture. The soldiers are sent to grab the scientists until the powers that be begin to pick them off one by one. One of the soldiers discovers that Eve use to be his wife, but tried to kill her before except she isn't his wife and blah blah blah. None of that matters when the characters are all unlikable. Even the character of Eve is someone you can't care about since she only turns into a vicious creature who uses her new powers for the dark side. The characters were essential card board cut outs of the one's you'd see in films like "Aliens" and "Resident Evil". In fact, if those two films fucked and had a baby this would be it's offspring. That may sound intriguing if you're a HUGE fan of "Aliens" and "Resident Evil"!There was one moment where a giant gorilla charges at them early on in the film that was put to good use. I would've enjoyed it more if it dealt with a giant group of gorillas than a dull hodgepodge of mind control antics. The claustrophobic nature of the film does work and the visuals are pretty to look at. The use of the color green is present through much of the film and I really liked that. I didn't like how poorly this fucking film was written since it was obviously made to cash in on one person's first directorial debut. Justin Dix may have a good visual flare when directing, but he needs to not write another screenplay to one of his films.Overall, Ed Wood would be proud.

Darrin C (br) wrote: Kind of dull most of the time with overly dramatic dialog that made me fight myself to stay awake just to see the ending. The acting was above-average and what tiny amount of action was in here was good, but only enough for me to see the 3 main stories come together. This film was unmemorable and it really doesn't matter whether you see it or not.

Jess L (jp) wrote: A well structured documentary about a Catholic Priest who actively engaged in Pedophilia with children of his parishes. The documentary involves interview with Father Oliver O'Grady along with other church officials and some families of the children he abused. This is a fascinating and interesting documentary that is put together seamlessly. Of course the subject matter is devastating and at times uncomfortable to hear about, but is none the less an inescapable part of our society. The reason this documentary works so well is how it extracts such vivid emotions out of the audience from viewing it. You are shocked, appalled, angry, saddened and a host of other emotions as you sit and watch this story unfold. The interviews with O'Grady further add to this as he seems unaware of the magnitude of his actions upon his victims.Truly riveting viewing that shocks and upsets but I would highly recommend.

Brian B (kr) wrote: Excellent movie. Would have been five stars if not for the disparaging ethnic remarks.