Der König der Mittelstürmer

Der König der Mittelstürmer


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1927
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:soccer football,  

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Der König der Mittelstürmer torrent reviews

Jake A (us) wrote: Decent enough. Has a good cast, decent score/soundtrack, decent action and looks good but is thoroughly generic and pretty forgettable.

Anthony V (us) wrote: Brutal film about dehumanization. Many actions scenes, but somehow manages not to glorify violence, showing it instead as repelling. Action fans may dislike the film for this reason, but its dark realism certainly makes it stand out.

Adam B (mx) wrote: If you thought Wall-E's no dialogue charm was great, then you've got to see this one. Incredible physical comedy and drama make this quirky film highly memorable!

Kath L (it) wrote: Beautiful arty movie best enjoyed with a glass of vino

Peter S (jp) wrote: Beutiful filming location

Orlok W (us) wrote: An all around highly enjoyable werewolf tale--For werewolf and Hammer freaks only!!

andrew t (us) wrote: I really want to see this

Jamie C (mx) wrote: Well for a start you can't knock this film for being the same old action film, It stands out from the rest thanks to a great well told plot that yes is very silly but works very well, Travolta and Cage work well together and play both their parts very well good and evil, I'm not the biggest Woo fan as I always find his over the top action to just get too silly to take seriously, But it's Woos best film and will probably remain to be too, It's full of well shot action scenes that are great fun, I did feel the ending could if had an extra twist as I'm not the biggest fan of happy endings but maybe it was the right choice overall, Great entertainment from start to finish and that's all we ask for in a action film.

Troy F (it) wrote: I know this gets a wrap as the worst in the series, but I found this marginally better than European Vacation. Whereas that film was weak and annoying, this film is just... weak. The best moments only come out out of Chevy Chase's rare moments of hilarity as an actor, which were wearing off by this time. The problem with the whole film is that stuff happens, but nothing is really funny or matters to the audience. The family splits off and does their own thing in this film, each one taking part in certain fortunes, like Rusty becoming rich from gambling, Audrey becomes a club dancer, and Ellen in a affair with Wayne Newton. Cousin Eddie is back, but he doesn't do a whole lot, more or less annoying at times. I guess the situations are whacky and bizarre, but there's little to no pay off or punchline to them. One scene had Clark take part in a Siegfried & Roy magic show, where Clark disappears from the act, and then reappears casually at the end - nothing was done to accentuate whether this was funny, it just happens and moves onto the next scene. That's the whole movie. Vegas Vacation isn't quite a pain to sit through imo, just rather boring. It has its few and subtle (and I mean SUBTLE) moments of humour and charm, but it is overall a very weak and lame comedy that fails to recreate the charm and fun of Vacation or Christmas Vacation.

Tommi W (nl) wrote: Wobbly plot but blazing performances all around...especially Garfield and Shannon....definitely re-watchable - several times!

Freeman M (de) wrote: Farrell shines, even though the script lets him down more often than not.