Der Rosenkavalier

Der Rosenkavalier

The legendary soprano Elisabeth Schwarzkopf stars in this acclaimed film of Richard Strauss' delightful opera, Der Rosenkavalier. This Salzburg Festival production of Strauss' great work toured the world, and this filmed version was hailed by The New York Times as "Superb." Schwarzkopf performs her signature role as Princess von Werdenberg, an aging beauty involved with a younger man, Octavian. But when Octavian agrees to assist Baron Ochs by delivering the Baron's proposal of marriage to the beautiful young Sophie, the messenger and bride-to-be fall in love with each other!

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Susanna M (nl) wrote: I liked the casting as well as the acting...however, the script lacked something. Storyline too disjointed.

Al B (us) wrote: This is a very interesting documentary. It is amazing and frightening that people actually believe this. Hopefully humans will continue to advance and not make ourselves become extinct due to our own ignorance. My advice to these people is simple. Whatever you do, don't drink the Kool aid.

Steve H (ru) wrote: This HORROR film is SO different from the usual Bollywood movies, that it's hard to know where to begin!'s a Great film. The pace is relentless (except for the three or four songs).....and it's a terrific story, visually interesting with tons of special effects.....and surprisingly bloody. I thought it might be a bit like a lightweight horror/ Bend it like Beckham.....but i was in for a nice surprise. The direction and camera work pull from a lot of genres - but it certainly has it's own unique style. It's epic in lots of places, and at the same time made for tv in others. The editing is frantic - but it blends together perfectly (unlike say the American film 'Man On Fire'. I think unique, exciting, well made, horrifying, interesting, colourful, and great characters sums up just the start of how i would praise this film. Look Out have some competition!

Jessica R (ca) wrote: This movie was scary in that it explores how water will not be so abundant in the future if humans don't make drastic changes. Soon wars will be fought over water... it's a wake-up call.

Dimitrios Z (ag) wrote: Realistic romantic comedy. Very good performances. Never expected to like a Jennifer Aniston movie, but here it is.

Paul C (us) wrote: Informative yet boring

aiah s (ru) wrote: Wasn't the best movie

Jeffrey M (kr) wrote: One of the many Tarentino rip-offs of the 90s, but definitely one of the good ones. Good work from all involved, especially Aaron Eckhart and Michael Jeter, the always underappreciated character actor. The script and storyline had strong elements of black comedy, and the multiple storylines were put together pretty cohesively, though some were definitely stronger than others. The violence was incredibly graphic, yet it was consistently so, and seemed befitting of the tone. It certainly doesn't have the same polish of a Tarantino vehicle but has enough good elements to make it an interesting ride.3.5/5 Stars

bill s (gb) wrote: These are the slap stick movies hollywood critics never get but their right on this one.

Jack O (mx) wrote: And now my number 1 action comedy is Bird on the wire! It IS one of the awsemesed films of all time. I've seen it a million times and I'll probobly seen it a million times again.

(es) wrote: fabulous is an understatement

Sandeep N (jp) wrote: It's a philosophical scientific romance to put it in a genre. This has poetry, history, beauty, language, si-fi, mystery, music and various life experiments to begin with and ends up as a delusion. A fully realized new world in frequencies is created and it is done with words, not graphics or creatures. It has more imagination and intelligence than most of the movies you have seen. Just brilliant!

luke p (de) wrote: cheap bull jewish humour. not funny, just annoying.

Dylan D (it) wrote: Soul Surfer is about a life well-lived, one that was spiritually prepared -- with the support of a strong family structure -- to deal with adversity and balanced enough to ultimately use tragedy and evil against themselves for the greater good of both the one and the many. The film's real-life authenticity and adherence to truth, both personal and spiritual, sets it apart from the pack and cements it as one of the finest studio-produced, faith-based pictures around. Made whole by fine acting, smooth writing, and technically sound direction, Soul Surfer rides high and catches the wave of success as both a cinematic venture and a goodhearted family picture that espouses infinitely good values.

007 W (es) wrote: The amazing spider man is fine, it's not the worst spider man movie but it's so weak