NATO operative Jacques Kristoff (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is summoned into action—on his birthday, no less—to track down Galina Konstantin (Laura Harring), who has stolen an extremely valuable and dangerous top-secret container from the Slovakian Government. Finding Galina doesn't take long, and Jacques must wrap up the mission by returning Galina and the contraband to his superiors by train. Things seem to be going smoothly as Jacques and Galina board the train posing as a couple, but soon all hell breaks loose.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   murder,   wig,  

NATO operative Jacques Kristoff is summoned into action, on his birthday, no less, to track down Galina Konstantin, who has stolen an extremely valuable and dangerous top-secret cargo. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Quincy T (au) wrote: I've quite enjoyed playing Tekken video games, a fact that makes watching this movie that much more unbearable. Let it be known that this movie is in no way, shape or form a representation of Tekken franchise. Simply slapping the namesake to some random script, which the movie clearly did, will not fool anyone. Regardless of how familiar one is to the game, the movie is undoubtedly terrible for anyone unfortunate enough of watching it.Its abysmal story revolves around an amnesia-stricken man unceremoniously named K, but we all know it's Kazuya since the title spoiled it. After strings of strange events K is forced to join a fanatic group to become an assassin, doing strings of strange murderous tasks. The film should have used CG videos for the game or just random montages of martial arts, at least they would have made more sense. There is no structure at all in the storytelling, let alone clear motives and character developments. The game itself, being a fighting game, is infamous for its quirky story, but in comparison to this movie, it's Academy Award material.The camera spams slow mo until the very last frame, even the simplest action such as going to market, cooking, staring blankly got hit by the slow mo. Not to mention the repetitive scenes, often the characters, especially K, have flashback of events from five minutes ago. K would walk the same path over and over while having this boring deep contemplation. His acting range consists of dumb stares and phone-in dialogues of internet tech support. He may very well be just a random guy, not the cruel notorious antagonist.At least the production team could give him the Kazuya look or hairdo, but they either had such low budget they couldn't afford it, or were too lazy to even care. Setting is downright uninspiring, the whole movie is shot in some back alley, empty warehouse and shady village. This could be filmed at the wrong side of my city for all I know. With low acting quality of the cast and stupid logic of the movie, it's near unwatchable. In the pantheon of awful game adaptations, Tekken: Kazuya's Revenge ranks as one of the worst, alongside its Uwe Boll's brethren.

Anna C (it) wrote: A good action/thriller comedy set mostly in Montenegro, maybe the plot is not original and it takes a lot from Tarantino and Rodriguez style, but it's enjoyable, I liked it.

David J (mx) wrote: Not as good as the previous two.

Jordan W (jp) wrote: funny at first but it gets boring after awhile

Private U (es) wrote: Drago of Rocky 4 taking himself for Indiana Jones!

Philip S (de) wrote: This incarnation of Astro Boy won't break any new ground in animation or storytelling, but it still hits its marks fairly well and proves entertaining enough. It may not be for kids, though, as it features a good deal of violence and dark subject matter. They may not grasp the political themes, but they can surely understand explosions, gunfire and destruction. Which brings us to what makes this story appealing to the older kids: it's a bit dark. It has some of the same themes seen in "A.I." and "I, Robot". If you dug those films, you may appreciate this one. For me, it's a thumbs up, though not an outright victory.

Esperana N (de) wrote: awesome!!! fantastic triller

Damon H (ca) wrote: The most ambitious Wim Wenders film. An odyssey shot on four continents, and a litany of international cities, the story follows a scientist played by William Hurt who is followed by a beautiful mystery woman, played by Solveig Dommartin, (who was also in Wings of Desire). They travel the globe as they race against time and try to out run bounty hunters, government agents and the bomb. A gorgeous cinematic masterpiece with an incredible sound track that includes U2, Talking Heads, Lou Reed, T-Bone Burnett, Peter Gabriel, Can, Elvis Costello, Patti Smith, R.E.M., Depeche Mode, andNick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

bill s (ca) wrote: Jim Carrey is hilarious and steals every scene.

Anthony S (br) wrote: not funny and not very original really sprecially as it appears to be a remake!

v9y j (mx) wrote: Simple, thoughtful, and entertaining - a typical Hrishikesh Mukherjee classic.

Shane N (nl) wrote: Nostalgia can't even hold this movie together

Chuck C (es) wrote: no where near as good as the first one but still a fan of the Creature.

Jordon J (es) wrote: Montiel does a skilful job intertwining the past and present action but the plot always feels thin and the characters underdeveloped. It was a decent film thats still worth a watch,I say RENT IT!!!

Joetaeb D (gb) wrote: While it's far more tolerable and charming than you think, Hotel for dogs is far too simplistic and to-the-rule-book to become whole family entertainment