Derren Brown: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Derren Brown: Something Wicked This Way Comes

The second of Derren Brown's live stage shows that toured the UK following its success in the West End.

Derren Brown's Olivier-Award-winning stage show is recorded for television . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Derren Brown: Something Wicked This Way Comes torrent reviews

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Mike O (kr) wrote: I'm not sure what I would have made of this film had I been coming to Tarr for the first time - it's not his best and not as 'accessible' as Werckmeister Harmonies. However, it is still a fine example of what cinema is capable of. It's a small miracle the way Tarr can develop a scene with those beautiful, slow camera movements; his wonderfully subtle use of changing soundscapes; and that unique construction of screen time and space. Yes, there are a few moments where the dialogue/plot feels a little awkward, but the real beauty of this film is in the spaces between the plot markers. As always with Tarr, patience is required, but I think it's worth it.

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Raji K (ag) wrote: After the first film, Grumpy Old Men was a big hit, naturally a sequel Grumpier Old Men was created. Both Lemmon and Matthau resume their roles and start the film merely taking pot shots at each other as they have become from friends with the ending of the first film. When the two kids are having wedding jitters though, the kid gloves are off and the pranks begin. On top of it Matthau is now attempting to court the new lady in town Maria Ragetti (Sophia Loren). Grumpier Old Men is like most sequels, not as good as the first one, and goes for cheaper laughs. The characters still make it entertaining enough, and its worth watching if you enjoy the original.

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Jack C (es) wrote: This is now the 5th Kurosawa picture I have seen and it joins Kagemusha; Throne Of Blood; Seven Samurai and Ikiru as a singular masterwork.It is something wholly different, a tale of a hunter alone at one with nature who guides a band of russian soldiers on their survey expedition.Plain, spartan and made with care and compassion, Dersu Uzala is a must see for those who like being in the great outdoors.Wonderful film

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