Desde que amanece apetece

Desde que amanece apetece


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Paula K (fr) wrote: This could have been an outrageously silly and embarassing film (and I was squirming at certain points) but it was quite the film about a man's life work. Which has to do with penises.

Jose Alejandro S (au) wrote: De Dios y otras cosas... Muy buena peli, a pesar de no abandonar nunca el living no nos permite despegarnos, vamos de u lado a otro, entregando la razn por momentos al uno y por momentos al otro... La verdad aparece como lo que es, algo incierto pero discutible... Las actuaciones de T. Lee Jones y Samuel L Jackson, son de lo mejor que les he visto (yvaya que son grandes actores).

Anna L (es) wrote: This is funny! See it!

Matthew M (jp) wrote: this movie thinks its so cool lol. cheating and stuff. there was no real nude scenes or anything like that to make it more appealing to people. instead it tried to just focus on cheating though I felt there was no way this could happen in real life.

Aswin W (us) wrote: Good movie. This had a good story based on "true" events about a mobster who became a informant for FBI and betrayded by his boss. It was however creators of this film did not use enough sources to re-tell the true events just from a book. So therefore some events occured true and false. Anyway the acting was pretty good while it had great cast due to fact some them look similar to the real people they potray. Its good movie to watch though.

Love M (de) wrote: Erotica obsession of pain and memory.

Judy U (ca) wrote: good lessons to be learned here

Simon P (au) wrote: It might be because I've seen the characters in 2 films already and I'm acclimatised to their antics, but I quite enjoyed this third entry in the series. The boat chase goes on a bit longer than it has to, and there wasn't enough interplay between 'our' academy and Mauser's military-themed rivals, but otherwise the relatively broad gags hit their marks.

DennisnCecille N (ca) wrote: classic .. kids liked it except mya complains about the special effects.. she said it looks fake lol

Risa C (us) wrote: i liked it but they should put this on the scifi channel not lmn.

James H (fr) wrote: Certainly not one of the better Abbott and Costello comedy films, it's really rather lame and not often very funny either. It's the same old stuff. Ordinary, it seems thrown together just to capitalize on their popularity at the time.

Frances H (ca) wrote: Could have been better, with such a good cast.