• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

In economic crisis, Kiko (Eric French) and Marcelo (Adrià Collado) believe finding a solution to their economic problems re-letting a room in his house in Ibiza ... As the floor in the living only two fit the closet of the housing as if it were a small room. After several unsuccessful visits appears Soto (Fernando Tejero), a strange character who not only accepts live in the small "bedroom" but also offers the ultimate solution to your all their woes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Desechos torrent reviews

Jimene M (nl) wrote: I enjoyed the animation version better than the comic. I love the traditional Superman and this is him. This story hits many points as to why he is so great. He is a total hero...intentions, decisions, everything. He is the person as people we should try to be like. I will need to re-read the comic and see if I like it better now.

Leigh R (ru) wrote: If you like dungeons and dragons, role playing games etc .. then you'll love this

Jorge G (ru) wrote: MONJAS CON ARMAS GRANDESAnonadado. Que risa, Muy bizarro.

Leena L (de) wrote: I never liked Woody Harrelson but he is just brilliant in this. Brilliant, accent and all. The story a usual intrigue involving a scandal or two, nothing extraordinary, but the cast in total is just great: Lauren Bacall, Lily Tomlin and Kristin Scott Thomas.

lenny d (mx) wrote: A decent low-budget thriller with good acting from both lead actors. Definitely has Lynch feel to it and nice twist at the end.

Mark N (kr) wrote: Falls into the same old trap of being a drawn-out dramatization with made up 'facts' to pad out the unknowable. Worse still it applies the trope of playing contemporary rock music to buy credibility and pad out the length. The first 15mins features 3 songs often played in the foreground to avoid having to write & film dialogue. This slack attitude is so prevalent you can skip the first 60minutes and it wont harm the plot, I'm serous, try it.There is no doubt it's well acted but the amateurish editing gimmicks underline the lack of material and unnecessary representation of drug use.

Ken R (br) wrote: Early Stephen Chow films relied heavily on Chinese wordplay with a mix of physical comedy, much like the Marx Brothers films I hold so dear. But what really surprises me is how well many of his films still work without most of the impossible to translate verbal puns. It's not a classic like Shaolin Soccer or God of Cookery, but Fight Back to School for me represents the real beginnings of Chow's success.

Derek N (it) wrote: I know the guy who directed this movie

William W (kr) wrote: A little bit dated but this is an example of how to make a gore film

David B (mx) wrote: Excellent adaptation of Huxley's Devils of Loudon remains a startling film and one of Ken Russell's best. Pretty much banned and savagely edited across the world I watched the edited version which was still shocking in it's sexual imagery and violence. However this was Russell at his most creative and their are many eye popping scenes. Redgrave and Reed earned their salary on this one!

Dustin D (jp) wrote: Even without any real plot, MASH (I refuse to put the asterisks between the letters) is entertaining and funny because it appeals to the cynical, petty, but human side of us.

Stephanie C (fr) wrote: An amazingly good adaptation that modernizes the tale while retaining the original dialogue and themes. Patrick Stewart is marvelous as both the Ghost and Claudius and David Tennant is simply stunning as the distraught Prince of Denmark. Shot on location rather than on the stage, security cameras, video recorders, two-way mirrors, and so much more add a wonderful element to the epic tale of madness and revenge. P.S. The current description on FB for the film is wrong. Richard Burton is not in this adapation.

Kyle Sofia N (ca) wrote: One of the greatest and most relentlessly riveting experiences I've ever had!! An excellent paranoia thriller with awesome leads Will Smith, Gene Hackman, and the one and only Jon Voight. Highly recommended to action lovers.

Yvan C (nl) wrote: La jeunesse de Ip Man. Plis une fresque historique qu'un film sur les arts martiaux mais toujours aussi prenant :)