Desert Son

Desert Son

After being abandoned in the desert by his abusive stepfather, Phillip finds himself cruelly cast into a game of life or death until a beautiful orphan named Lucy and her boyfriend Jack come to his rescue. The three runaways patrol the desert and live as petty thieves, but they soon find that the fight for survival against nature may become a fight for survival against each other.

A boy is abandoned in the heart of the desert by his step father. He takes refuge with two orphans who live in an abandoned mining town. The three kids struggle to survive through series of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Desert Son torrent reviews

Justin T (ag) wrote: Surprisingly pretty good. A bit funny, a bit off the wall, a bit of a good cast (?)

Silky R (au) wrote: I LOVED it! And so did the whole family! Great movie and the ending was the best!!

Juliana C (kr) wrote: Im a big fan of the book...lots of things were missed there, Sarah Michele was great tho...

John B (nl) wrote: Lynn Redgrave of course uses the Georgy girl character to launch her into a career as the Weight Watchers spokesperson. The original portrayal of Georgy is not offensive, it still is a little off.

BJ W (nl) wrote: Another fine entry that adds a few cups of blood into the mix. On a side note some parts of it are directed more like an exploitation flick, but fortunately not many (and to be honest I likes me some exploitation anyway so it doesn't take anything away from the film for me).

Rodney J (ca) wrote: It shows more of an exciting and sexuality moment that Halle Berry made that really tells who Catwoman is.

Josephine L (fr) wrote: One of my favorite movies. All the characters were well developed and the actors did a great job! Great storyline and a unique one as well.