Desh Drohi

Desh Drohi

Rajkumar Singh Yadav lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, along with his parents and paternal grandfather, and studies in Nehru Public College. His father wants him...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Rajkumar Singh Yadav lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, along with his parents and paternal grandfather, and studies in Nehru Public College. His father wants him... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gary M (ru) wrote: Not as good as the first 2. Very different but still had some funny things happening.

paul s (de) wrote: As I watched the documentary American Teen, my brain kept telling me that this was just another of those posed, fake, "reality" shows. How the heck did the camera get to be in the middle of all intimate moments? In particular there is a scene about 2/3 of the way through in which the camera follows Megan (a snotty female dog who I was really hoping would fail in her quest to go to Notre Dame to please her daddy) as she vandalizes another students' home. As the Vice Principal tells her; since she deemed it necessary to spray paint the word "fag" on the window, her actions could be construed as sexual harassment and worthy of a class C felony. Ok, if you buy that, then the film-maker could certainly be tried as a co-conspirator, having knowledge of her intent and not only doing nothing to stop her, but filming the entire escapade in lovely living color. But aside from that feeling that much of the events, while "real" were certainly manipulated, and filmed in such a way as to heighten any drama and get the directors' point across, there are certain universal truths here that, while not shocking - having seen this act before in any number of teen films - still maintains a certain earnestness, especially when viewed through the lens of "this is real". So you have kids behaving like kids, and yet every so often amongst all the confusion, one of the 5 main characters says something profound - giving me hope that perhaps we aren't facing the end of civilization, just a re-adjustment into the land of texting and social networks. The director, in spite of being a bit heavy handed and overusing the same shot sequence (look closely at the basketball scenes), does show a bit of inventiveness in the use of animated dream sequences - only one of which is really compelling; that of Hannah, the artist and pariah whose dream sequence includes watching her face in a mirror become demonic, flipping back and forth until the faces blur together and then elongate into a Munchian Scream. There are scenes where I was confused over who was doing or saying what about whom, but again, my brain gave these a pass, concluding that the director was trying to edit a narrative of "real" events. Still, I couldn't help but wonder at some of the directorial choices. For example, Hannah misses a couple of weeks of school after suffering a near breakdown after getting dumped by her BF. She is told that if she doesn't get her ass back into class and fly the straight and narrow from here till the end of school, that she'll be expelled. So what does the director choose to do? Go for the art shot, showing her finally going back to class late, and sheepishly walking back into class. Later she is shown walking down an empty corridor. The only way that corridor could be empty is when class has already started - so Hannah is once again on the wrong side of the rules - meaning that the director risks her expulsion simply to shoot this shot inferring that she is a loner. I was also curious about the tag ending that had a quote from Hannah saying that San Francisco was too expensive for her, so she moved to.... Wait for it.... New York - from what I've read the cost of living is equally high in both places. Further, I wondered how this poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks managed to get a scholarship to a prestigious NY art school after being underground in SF for a year - perhaps the film paid her way? Just saying. In all, an interesting study that says more in subtle sub text than it does in its grand statements.

Drew S (gb) wrote: Honestly, I only rented Disappearances because there were a bunch of old people on the DVD cover and the concept of a Western filled with senior citizens intrigued me. The film didn't really deliver on that, sadly, and what could have been Actual Country for Old Men instead was made into a generic spaghetti flick with a dash of magical realism for flair.The best part of Disappearances by far is the teleporting aunt, because hell, it's a teleporting old woman who spouts off Shakespeare and shoots people. You can't miss the potential in that. Also, the film looks great; even though it was shot on the cheap (budgeted at 1.7 million dollars), the director does an admirable job using natural scenery to create atmosphere. Unfortunately, that's pretty much where the unique parts of Disappearances come to a halt. The plot is some hoary nonsense about smuggling whiskey that gets completely dropped in the last twenty minutes of the movie to make way for shit randomly disappearing and some ridiculous subplot about a curse. I guess these seemed like neat elements to include in a Western, but they just didn't fit here. The kid gave probably one of the worst child performances I've ever seen. Every line he delivered took me straight out of the movie, which wasn't that hard in the first place because it's not particularly gripping. They should have just put teleporting lady in his place and the movie would have been ten times better. The rest of the acting isn't bad; I guess Kris Kristofferson is important or something, which is why he ends up doing movies like this, right?

Justin B (au) wrote: 3 words. Royalty Free Music. I thought modern made-for-SyFy movies were bad.

David D (fr) wrote: A charming movie. O'Toole and Plowright are delightful. The band's drummer was hysterical.

michael l (kr) wrote: i remember watching this in french class.

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (jp) wrote: Sucky and not as good as the name "Cybertracker" ;/

Quiche E (jp) wrote: Il y a une chose que Sautet sait parfaitement faire c'est "construire une histoire" !Captivant !

Tony B (us) wrote: A great cast with Jack Nicholson at his best and Ann Margret looking hot but in a sad role. A funny, yet depressing, dramatic classic 70s film but I did not enjoy the ending very much.

Frdric I (ca) wrote: Un film sur le "qu'en dira-t-on" d'une petite ville de province qui fait un peu penser l'ambiance du Corbeau de Clouzot. On y aborde la question de l'avortement. Correct sans tre gnial.

Emily A (kr) wrote: Surprisingly good, and also surprisingly sad. Really really sad. I never would have guessed in a million years that Sean William Scott would be able to pull off the sensitivity required for a role like this.

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